Box Unveils “/bin”

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News Posted: Thu, Nov 17 2011 3:32 PM
It’s all too easy to mentally equate Box (formerly known as with Dropbox; they’re both cloud storage services, they both started out with simple and consumer-facing account options, and they both have “box” in their names. For that matter, they both use a blue-and-white color scheme.

However, the two services increasingly look different. Dropbox is kind of exploding right now, increasing its integration everywhere and rapidly adding users, and the founder is quickly becoming one of those Silicon Valley tech celebs. Box flies a bit more under the radar, but the company continues to roll out compelling services and upgrades for both users and businesses alike. Today's announcement is no exception.

Box has launched the Box Innovation Network (superbly titled “/bin”). Box Vice President of Platform Chris Yeh announced /bin and discussed its goal and features. “To bring new innovation to today’s businesses quickly and at scale, we’ll be investing up to $2 million to drive the development of meaningful apps on the Box platform,” he said. “We want to build an enterprise software company that matters to people and drives innovation in a space that sorely needs it.”

Essentially, Box wants to create a big, open ecosystem of apps built on the Box platform for teh enterprise. It wants developers to use Box APIs for anything and everything. Those developers will receive funding, exposure, and a Box developer account--and some guidance and help if they need it.

On its face the whole /bin venture seems like a win all around. Customers will get some nice features added on to the products they’re using; /bin partners get an easy way to build out and offer those features; developers get work and exposure; and Box drums itself up loads of new and ongoing business.
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"Never heard of Dropbox, but yes. Downloaded many MP3's from that site before, though I find most of my music in Hulkshare now. Still, I love the simplistic approach to accessing a file to download, no annoying multiple links or countdowns. Good luck with the Bin venture and hopefully it becomes successful so the programmers that sign on keep making money."

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Inspector replied on Thu, Nov 17 2011 6:38 PM

OptimusPrimeTime:"Never heard of Dropbox"

What!? lol HH has posted on them a few times xD, on the other hand i never heard of box :P lol.

Lets get more competition out on the field! The more the better!

"Box platform for teh enterprise."

Happens to me all the time too Wink lol

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"Dont remember really, LOL, The Cloud business is not a subject I follow here I guess. But the was used a lot before to upload a lot of music from many hip hop websites, now they use mostly use Hulkshare, but hey, there's always a first time to know about something, so now I know about Dropbox, cool."  

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BWilliams replied on Thu, Nov 17 2011 7:22 PM

ATT offers something like this called back up and go for the pc. Unlimited storage in the cloud. It is acccessible from any web enabled device. You can fax and email from the cloud per your smart phone. A great disaster recovery option for individual PC's. 10.00 per month per device.

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CKaye replied on Thu, Nov 17 2011 10:39 PM

I love Box, but for some reason i find that using drop box is much easier, and I simply drop things to my dropbox folder, and it's on my ipad, and other devices. If box could get more of a dropbox feel, i would use it more, and take full advantage of my 50gb cloud space :D

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rapid1 replied on Fri, Nov 18 2011 11:14 AM

This will be the norm in a very few years period. I actually am looking at and thinking about doing some sales (for business's) of something of this nature. It is a bit more involved than this but the concept is relatively the same. Specifically though it is for business's, yes they have them for private user's, but the point in that is nothing really to me. The difference is size and administrative duties which would be handled by an admin (me in this situation) and be handled both remotely as well as on site. I am still tossing it around as you can do it through a very small IT department rather easily really. For a smaller business though they often don't really have an IT department or it is handled partially by a couple of people partially that do something else. Either way many things are going this way

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ESix replied on Thu, Dec 15 2011 2:09 AM

Use them both, no complaints service wise and good amount of free storage.

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