Asus 23.6" ET2410IUTS-B019C All-In-One PC Review

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News Posted: Mon, Nov 7 2011 12:38 PM

Asus 23.6The AIO PC form factor isn't new by any means, but it's only recently begun to make a broad market appearance across a number of manufacturers beyond Apple or HP, who were among the first to pioneer the form factor. Better touchscreen technology, combined with lower prices, has made AIO PCs both practical and affordable. The ET2410 from Asus attempts to be both of these things. It's an $850 system built around Intel's Sandy Bridge platform and packaged in an ultra-slim body that looks fashionable and takes up very little space, despite bringing a sizable 23.6-inch touchscreen to the AIO party...

Asus 23.6" ET2410IUTS-B019C All-In-One PC Review

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"Great review Paul, I was actually more impressed by your painting skills than the machine, R0fL. Ok, all jokes aside, I like this review for its honesty. I did overall like the design and the pic with the screen reflecting your back yard looks awesome in a sense that I thought is was displaying a high rez pic or a movie scene at first. Nice aesthetics, nice product video. But like you said, go for the B018C for a Benjamin more."

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Samar replied on Mon, Dec 12 2011 8:31 PM

Cool ...

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This is about the 27 inch all in one computer with model number ET2701INTI. The ASUS pc and support sucks. Do not buy this pc at all.

First the subwoofer which is defective. After 3 months of purchase I return it to the store where I purchased it and after a month they told me it has to be returned to ASUS. I phoned ASUS and they told me it is not covered by warranty.

Now the keyboard that comes up with is not working anymore. I was told by ASUS support, I have to return the whole unit, the 27 inch all in one pc, shipped to them, even though only the keyboard is defective. The shipping and handling cost back and forth, I will be the one to pay. Come to think of it the unit is heavy and I will shoulder the cost. And it does not make sense returning the whole unit when the only defective is keyboard. With HP, Dell, they would replace the defective part and not the whole unit.


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