Asus 20" ET2011AUKB-B006E All-In-One PC Review

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News Posted: Thu, Oct 6 2011 12:41 PM

Asus 20It feels like only yesterday that we evaluated the Asus 2400ET, a touch-enabled All-In-One desktop that had high-end specifications and a $1,250 price tag to match. Turns out, that was nearly four months ago, and if you aren't interested in a touch panel, a Core i5 processor, and don't have deep pockets, perhaps the scaled-back ET2011 we'll be showing you here is worth consideration. This is a somewhat unique product in the Asus Eee Top ET2011 AIO line up, in that in relies on AMD's Fusion Brazos E-350 APU in lieu of a more traditional desktop processor...

Asus 20" ET2011AUKB-B006E All-In-One PC Review

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"Everything was going good until you mentioned *no HDMI or DVI output*, whats a shame, would have been nice to output to a bigger monitor or TV. The Lack of a full 1080P display is reasonable, as you wont find a 20 Inch display with that resolution(that I know of). So , this All in One is recommended for the kiddies."

"My question is, Does it have built in speaker in the bezel or the monitor area, and does it pumped out a good sounding experience?

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AKwyn replied on Thu, Oct 6 2011 7:03 PM

Nice review... I have to say that I loved the way you focused on the design, the performance and the usability of it but I'm a bit disappointed that you didn't focus more on the monitor. I would of liked to known how deep the blacks are and how vivid the monitor was.

Anyway, nice review. Just shows that AMD's processor can get the job done as well as the cheaper Intel processors.


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So it's no gaming computer. That's OK though. This is something that would do for Granny to start her E-Mail sojourns and help her to master that most addictive of games,....Spider Solitaire!

The price is right for a light duty multimedia capable PC. No HDMI is not a deal breaker for me either.

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rrplay replied on Fri, Oct 7 2011 8:58 AM

Pretty solid AIO from Asus and the insights for the compromise of features and performance highlights make this an excellent review. Thanks .

From looking at the specs and Windows performance rating would have expected a bit more lag for even some of the lighter tasks, but not the case as mentioned.Lots of stiff competition at this price point for AIOs but the decision maker could just be the overall quality of the Asus screen for some users to decide.Rather than an omission of additional HDMI or DVI outputs ,intended location and overall expectations.

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Pretty sweet setup!

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bfrazier replied on Thu, Oct 13 2011 2:02 AM

The photo shows an HDMI port... am I missing something?

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