Intel's Market Share Further Ahead of the Pack after Crossing Sandy Bridge

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News Posted: Wed, Sep 28 2011 3:24 PM
Intel's obscene share of the microprocessor market has grown even more grotesque, at least if you're AMD or any other chip maker fighting for scraps. If you're Intel, well, life just keeps getting better. New numbers are in, and according to data from market research firm IHS iSuppli, Intel now dominates the competition by accounting for 81.8 percent of global microprocessor revenue. If you work for AMD, you just threw up a little bit in your mouth.

Intel claiming the lion's share of the market isn't anything new, it just so happens that the Santa Clara chip maker took a bigger bite in the second quarter. Intel increased its lead by 1.1 percentage points, which had double the impact on AMD as it slid by the same amount.

"Intel in the second quarter benefited from the combination of a recovery in PC demand and strong shipment growth for its new Sandy Bridge line of microprocessors," said Matthew Wilkins, principal analyst for compute platforms research at IHS. "Strong corporate PC sales were particularly beneficial to Intel, as the enterprise computing segment has been outperforming the consumer market."

IHS iSuppli says Intel got a boost by increasing production of its Sandy Bridge processor line, and that it represented the fastest ramp-up of any product in the company's history. Meanwhile AMD's Bulldozer platform on the consumer side is taking its sweet time to make it to market.
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Just look at that picture - go ahead and yuk it up, Intel fanbois. One day the pendulum is going to swing back to AMD's advantage. BWAHAHAHA!

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rrplay replied on Wed, Sep 28 2011 5:39 PM

they certainly can't be so happy watching all the folks rush out to buy the SB 2700K !

Enjoy it while you can .

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akumu replied on Wed, Sep 28 2011 6:46 PM

AMD has been behind in performance for quite a while now. I dont see them increasing their marketshare anytime soon.

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Judging by the numbers cut at AMD today it now is clearer why Rick Bergman resigned.

Intel extends it's lead, I was hoping for a comeback by AMD guess that will have to wait...................

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"I'm still holding on to what Marco said in one of the episodes in 2 and a Half Geeks, about "that Bulldozer is Coming, and 990FX chipsets is where is its going to be at for Enthusiasts", not sure anymore if the Top of the line 8 core Bulldozer chip will destroy the 2600K, but for AMD's sake, it has to go toe to toe with it, and for the consumer's sake also, so that it will reflect in competitive pricing from each side."

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I hope AMD comes up with something to take the fight to intel. Its just better for all of us if they do. 

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jonation replied on Wed, Sep 28 2011 10:38 PM

i hope. or else I am gonna have to get me one of them 2600k's

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AKwyn replied on Thu, Sep 29 2011 1:32 PM

Super Dave:
Just look at that picture



Laughing hard...


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lipe123 replied on Thu, Sep 29 2011 2:45 PM

We got a new AMD A8 chip in last week with lots of excitement to get something that would compete to the current i5's and guess what, its slower than the older phenom 2 965.

AMD went and added a mid range onboard video to their chips that can only play games on low res and mid/low settngs and made it low powered. Not just that their FM1 chips had one delay after another and still nothing to show.

If they dont get their act in order intel will continue to dominate the market and will continue to ask you 200$ for a chip.

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gazd1 replied on Thu, Sep 29 2011 3:03 PM

Well I'm an Intel fanboy, if you want to put it that way. Also by the looks of it, AMD's bulldozer range of processors keep on running out of diesel. What I mean is that they "AMD" that is, keep on puttin the lauch off. So maybe by the time that AMD launches it proper, once again they will most probably run out of diesel & maybe even the last time for this bulldozer range to be seen full of diesel anymore.

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Laptop Llano:

**A8-3500M quad-core**

For budget gamers. IGP is almost twice as fast as Intel's HD 3000.

DRAWBACK: CPU is slower than Intel's Core i3, while the price is higher....

PRICES for A8-3500M laptops:

$604 Gateway NV75S02u -- CircuitCity

$700 Pavilion dv6-6140us -- Staples

$730 Aspire AS5560G-SB485 -- Acer

(you can find both first and second-gen i3 laptops selling for well below $499.)

**A6-3400M quad-core**

i3 murders it. Borderline playable gaming.


Desktop Llano: requires new socket: FM1.

same story as the laptop version: CPU is slower than an Intel i3, while GPU is twice as fast

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