HH IDF 2011 Eden Keynote Coverage: Ultrabooks, Ivy Bridge and More

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News Posted: Wed, Sep 14 2011 4:54 PM
The second day of IDF began with Mooly Eden, Intel VP and General Manager of the PC Client Group, and his keynote discussion, detailing the current state of the company’s business and Ultrabook plans. Eden also spoke of the adaptability of the PC and the many transformations it has made over the years to meet market demand and dictate new usage models and experiences.

From Ivy Bridge DX11 performance to new power saving LCD technologies, Intel's new Identity Theft Protection suite, Haswell demos and Thunderbolt IO for PCs, Mooly covered a lot of ground as usual.

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"Excellent coverage, very exciting stuff"

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AKwyn replied on Wed, Sep 14 2011 7:59 PM

Well... Intel has a good thing going on due to the fact that they've designed a computer that's like the MacBook Air but is available to every system manufacturer and well, has the latest powerful Intel technology that we've known to trust.

There are going to be some hurdles however. For one, these ultrabooks aren't going to be cheap. As mentioned in a previous news article. Intel has some pretty tough guidelines and I don't know if it's because of product quality concerns or because they want the Ultrabook to be a good experience but one thing that is known is that these ultrabooks are going to cost mostly the same as a MacBook Air, and we've all seen what these notebooks with Intel processors (Pentium) can do and for the price point; they're a good value.

While the main point with the ultrabooks is that they'll be different from the MacBook Air in the fact that manufactures will be able to put out their own design of the notebook and add additional RAM without an Apple tax, one does have to ask about whether this makes makes much of a difference. I mean were reaching the point where laptops should be cheaper. I mean we're at 32MN processors (soon to be 20MN) and it's a known fact that companies are making their components easier to produce and therefore cheaper; so we should see laptops going down in price right?


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rrplay replied on Fri, Sep 16 2011 12:48 PM

These Ultrabooks keep looking better and better all the time,Sure appreciate the coverage .pretty optimistic with the Haswell chip providing some sweet performance and a longer battery life .an boy if they can get some of these sleek slim ultra-books in the $850 range ??  ohhh yeah ! :)

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