Patriot Pyro SATA III Solid State Drive Review

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News Posted: Wed, Aug 3 2011 8:59 PM
Patriot Pyro SATA III Solid State Drive ReviewJust a few short weeks after the release of its high-end WildFire-branded solid state drives, Patriot is at the ready with a new family of drives, dubbed Pyro. Like the WildFire, the similarly fire lovin’ Pyro is built around SandForce’s sought after SF-2200 series solid state storage processor. But with this newer series of drives, Patriot has paired the controller to less expensive asynchronous NAND flash memory. This pairing results in a much more affordable solid state drive that offers very similar performance to higher-end models with synchronous NAND flash memory in the vast majority of scenarios. There are exceptions, however...

Patriot Pyro SATA III Solid State Drive Review

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I would have liked to see it priced a little lower than the Corsair drive but it still put up good numbers on the performance side.

I would like to know what the Corsair warranty is?

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Inspector replied on Wed, Aug 3 2011 10:04 PM

A SSD in my price range as of today xD, finally looking forward to getting a SSD soon. Vertex 3 is my first choice so far.

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LBowen replied on Thu, Aug 4 2011 4:28 PM

Nice review and good to see that right now performance is more or less the same across the board. I myself would lean towards a Vertex 3 as well; right now for me it comes down to service and price since they all stack up pretty well.

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Nice price for this thing. Maybe it'll start a price war that we can all sink our teeth into.

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Finally a good price!

Its been getting hard to manange my 64GB! Kinda funny that, that is what they look like inside. I guess I just always imagined a big solid block of silicone :P

Since they are just a bunch of 15GB flash drives linked together, you would figure that the price would have been more reasonable from the get-go! But just like Apple...If they CAN gouge you ...They will.

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rrplay replied on Fri, Aug 12 2011 11:05 AM

Looks like we have the real start of an upcoming price war . Looks like the price/performance ratios are getting to be quite similar .and yep I can agree that preference for service and warranty will likely come in to play as deciding factors as well.

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SmogHog replied on Sat, Aug 13 2011 9:33 PM

Before you buy any SSD please read this article on hardocp.

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been running a SSD for almost the past two years and it has been running great! it is a mush have these days


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Patriot Pyro 128gb SSD

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