Sony's PlayStation 4 Rumored To Ship In 2012

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News Posted: Thu, Jul 7 2011 2:39 AM
Here's one you should definitely take with a grain of salt, but then again, a grain of "well, duh" wouldn't hurt either. Sony has built three PlayStation consoles to date. History would tell us that a fourth is on the way, the only question being "When?" Now, leaks and rumors are starting build surrounding the next generation PS console, with DigiTimes suggesting that PlayStation 4 development / production could start at the end of this year.

Given that Nintendo's already hard at work on the Wii U, Sony shouldn't be too far behind with their next-generation console. The PS4, according to unnamed Taiwanese production companies, will first hit the lines in late-2011 and then ship to consumers in 2012. Reportedly, Foxconn and Pegatron Technology will be responsible for PS4 assembly, just as they are for the PS3. If all goes well, we could see 20 million of 'em shipping, according to those same sources.

Only time will tell, but does it have you rethinking your impending PS3 purchase?
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I have an original 60gb launch model, and only SNES tops it in my list of favorite consoles. I'm eager to see what they'll come up with.

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I am sure they are keeping the wraps on this as much as possible. It sounds like there might be a console war brewing between the Wii U and PS4 though I am sure the PS4 will be more powerful therefore Sony will still have the most powerful console on the market.

Though it still won't be able to beat a good PC.

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Tbagger01 replied on Thu, Jul 7 2011 10:48 AM

It might for a few weeks, until a new video card comes out again. But PC's are the best online gaming platform by far.

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Didn't I just read a statement from someone at Sony saying specifically they aren't planning a ps4 for a while? I thought someone asked them right after the wii u was announced........maybe I'm going crazy. I haven't even had my slim for a year. I hope the move is compatible with the ps4.

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Hopefully these new systems over deliver as I sometimes feel it holds back the PC as games are ported.

Keeping in mind a console will never = a PC.

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HHGrrl replied on Thu, Jul 7 2011 3:27 PM

I'll stick with my Wii and Xbox 360. Just got Kinect, so that will be my new toy for a while :-)

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AKwyn replied on Thu, Jul 7 2011 3:32 PM

Yeah, they keep dangling a release date but they never dangle the possible specs...

We need specs in order to have a PS4 damnit!


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3vi1 replied on Thu, Jul 7 2011 8:25 PM

I hear the PS4 will have full backwards compatibility with with PS3, and be able to run all your PSP and Android apps in emulation mode.

Then, a year or so later, they'll remove those features as part of a system update that tries to prevent future hacking of the system.


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I am sure this will be more of a hardware upgrade more than anything else.

I am sure they are just banking on the hopes of charging 800 for a new system again:P They would have to really wow me for me to go back to Sony. The Xbox is very competitive and it will probably come down to the issue of being able to play Gran Tourismo6 or not.

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