Microsoft Unveils $20 Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000

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News Posted: Sun, Jun 19 2011 10:57 AM
It's ergonomic...without being split. Some folks swear by the split keyboards, and some cannot stand to be away from a keyboard that's totally connected. Maybe, just maybe, the compromise has arrived. Microsoft Hardware just released the Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000, a new keyboard design that maintains the connected nature of a standard keyboard, while adding a wave shape that helps from an ergonomics perspective.

Media keys also allow users easy access to music, videos and more with just a touch of a key, and unlike most ergo keyboards, this one is actually super affordable. It'll ship this month for just $19.9 from Amazon, Office Depot, and the Microsoft Store.
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rrplay replied on Sun, Jun 19 2011 1:42 PM

mm this looks like it be a curved key board I actually consider some time. simply because it's not actually curved but ergonomically wavy. Wonder if they are going to have a lighted version of this ,but it probably won't sell for $ 20 either way very affordable and could make a difference.

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For $20 bux I certainly would be willing to give this thing a shot for work. At home I will stick with my gaming keyboard though.

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Great birthday and holiday gift on the cheap!

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This isn't the first of its type. I have the Logitech Wave Pro set, which is curved not only horizontally, but also vertically.

Sure, the mouse and keyboard set costs 3 times what this keyboard does, but I feel it's worth the money and it came with a great mouse.

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