Panasonic And AT&T Team Up On Connected Car Concepts

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News Posted: Sat, Jun 11 2011 2:28 PM
There's a saying that makes it pretty clear: it doesn't matter how you get from point A to point B, just as long as you do indeed get there. But with today's vehicles, that's not perfectly true any longer. The ideal vehicular travel involves high-end stereos, and anymore these days, connectivity. Companies have been trying to figure out ideal ways to make cars connect to the Internet, and it looks like Panasonic is going the route of linking up with a trusted telecom in order to make it happen.

Panasonic Automotive Systems of America has teamed up with AT&T in order to explore a number of connected car concepts, with the working agreement meant to create customized products for global automotive manufacturers in North America. Initial concept testing for interfaces between in-car infotainment systems and emerging mobile devices will begin in late 2011, in the Peachtree City testing community. AT&T will provide network services and Panasonic Automotive Systems Company will supply the hardware and integration services.

By creating in Peachtree City, a connected model city, fully open to automotive manufacturers, technology providers and others in the ecosystem, the project will provide the framework to help drive innovation for the connected, in-vehicle lifestyle. Both companies will continue to pursue independent initiatives, but plan to work together on select programs in which their combined strengths and expertise will provide increased value and return to automakers and provide an enhanced connected driving experience for consumers and commuters.

We couldn't be happier about it. An open framework has been needed in the automotive electronics industry for years; SYNC is nice, but it's not compatible with anything on any other vehicle. It would be truly groundbreaking if these two could figure out a way to infiltrate all vehicle brands, and get everyone online in some form or another. We have our doubts about AT&T being the optimal choice for automobiles (considering that most road trips involve trekking through rural parts with subpar AT&T data rates), but maybe that'll change somewhat if the T-Mobile merger goes through.
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"Connected and AT&T in the same sentence. ha. Lost calls and now lost connections, People don't need more distractions , specially in a car. FAIL."


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AKwyn replied on Sat, Jun 11 2011 8:07 PM

Connected and AT&T in the same sentence. ha. Lost calls and now lost connections, People don't need more distractions

I don't mind. And it's about time we got Sync on other cars; Ford has been squandering this for a long, long time.

Well not exactly Sync but, well you know what I mean right?

I actually think Sync is pretty cool actually. I just wish that I could include it on any car.


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I love the idea of syncing our cars with other mobile devices. Americans do spend more time in our cars than any other country. Most of us are already pretty well connected to our phones, so why not cars?

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Kinda neat.....But what I'm waiting for is the day when all cars communicate with each other. Telling each other their speed, route, and presence. So eventually we can just do away with stop-lights. Because they will seamlessly communicate their intentions so that everyone is constantly on the move, and no one wastes time/"fuel" sitting at a light. Cool!

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@Lamar me to, I don't want to drive anymore.

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(like Yakov Smirnoff) .........IN Amerika,....You dont drive car!....Car drives you!

Really, all you need is a car with a bluetooth dongle! You dont need your car connected to everything!

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I would agree on that animatortom, Car drives you even you are the one holding the steering wheel. When I read topics like this it feels like the world is getting more and more complicated as it goes to the advanced things that we combine with other things. Cars today grow in a very large and techy manner that it feels like the next cars would have the mind of their own. LOL. It's ok to have these cars because there are extreme advantages with it like the security issues and other stuffs..... Just supply the auto repair manuals to the users to let them know how to troubleshoot thing like this.....

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