Weird Graphic Card Problem

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blueeagle1966 Posted: Mon, May 9 2011 12:21 PM


I have been having issues with my 8800GT OC graphics card, with black screen /no signal when playing pretty-much any game. SO my mate offered to bring up his 9800GT so I could test my system.

Anyway, I installed his card, and my problems seemingly went away.

I then removed his card, and gave it him back. He rang me that night to say that he put his card back in, and it wasn't working. His motherboard would default to the onboard GPU. If he disabled the onboard he got a video error.

So i told him to bring his PC (and his card) back up to me.

I made sure his card was seated correctly, but no joy. I then tried his card back in my PC and it worked no problems.

Put it back in his, no dice. I tried my ca4rd in his, and it worked fine.

So he tried his card in his wife's PC later on. In her PC it wouldn't work. In his step-daughter's PC it worked fine?

So I have worked out, that it doesn't work in any board that has got an onboard GPU. Because the only two PC that haven't got an onboard GPU his his step-daughter's and mine. And it works great. All of a sudden, his board and his wife's totally ignores it.

This is since he removed it from his PC so I could try it.

He's happy. He had an excuse to get an ATI 5750 DX11. And his daughter's PC has now got his weird 9800GT, which was a lot faster than her old ATI card. So she is happy too.

But i'm puzzled, as to what happened to his card. I was wondering if he had somehow damgaged his card's edge connector or something, as he isn't the most careful person on the planet. That's the only thing I can put it down to.

He handles simple plug in card upgrades to his PC himself. But anything else in his PC such as motherboard upgrades or CPU, then he pays me to do them. As his wife doesn't seem to trust him.

If anyone can shed light on this weird card issue, I would appreciate it, as it's a new one on me, after all the years I have had my head stuck inside a PC case.

Thanks for your time.

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Sometimes the mobos need to be re-switched to the PCIe mode after they have changed to onborad. Some mobos will switch them selves but not all of them. You would need to go into the bois and select the PCIe GFX option then save the bios and shut down the computer, install the GFX card back in and turn it back on. 

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Thanks for the reply.

I know when he removed his card to bring up to me, he had never switched his PC back on until his 9800GT was back in.

But it simply refused to run with his card again. But my 8800GT worked fine in his machine. Doesn't make sense at all.



Thanks again.


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RSmith replied on Tue, Jun 7 2011 12:21 AM

Well, in all actuality, that doesn't necessarily mean anything, regarding the mobo switching graphics selection.  As long as the PC isn't powered on whilst the card isn't inserted, it won't reset, and usually they won't reset anyway unless the CMOS is reset..  A lot of times it's more of the card's response to the PSU instead, but on occasion it can be how the card decides to respond to the chipset on the mobo as well.


I had a similar issue not too long ago, and all seemed to be fine after a lot of guess work, however now MY 8800GT seems to not like to play nice again either.  My PC that it's installed in doesn't see it at all.  I'm going to check the PSU to ensure it's getting juice, but I doubt that's the issue.  Of course, my 8800GT was a refurb and I purchased it 2nd-hand anyway for $60, so not a huge deal, it's a few years old after all.

The only way we could possibly help, if you so should choose to ask for it, is if you were also to give us the rest of the systems' specs.  Some mobos tend to crap out easier than others, and so do some video cards, as well as PSU's.  Honestly, I think my main issue might be with the mobo, which wouldn't surprise me one bit.  It's from a Compaq Presario with an nForce 4 chipset, which I got roughly 4 1/2 to 5 years ago.

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rrplay replied on Tue, Jun 7 2011 7:58 AM

Still a bit of a puzzler as to what could have possibly happened to the 9800GT vid card .maybe some stray electrical charge unplugging monitor cable or monitor not completely powered off and both screen and system unplugged  before removing ? any chance of re-flashing the vid card bios with the exact stock manufacturer's bios for the vid card ?.Curious if the 9800GT fan spins on power up .in his system or wife's system that does not play nice?

.Funny how it is that it 's working in step-daughter 's rig.

as mentioned in the above post we may need more info regarding the mobos and other specs unless the issue is resolved for the time being and everyone is happy.

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