White iPhone 4 to Hit Best Buy on April 27: Report

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News Posted: Sun, Apr 24 2011 11:08 PM
It's already been pretty much confirmed that the white iPhone 4 will ship next week, and specifically, at least in part of Europe, April 27. A new report seems to assert that the April 27 date will be global, with the white iPhone 4 showing up at Best Buy on that date.

A source at Best Buy sent 9 to 5 Mac an inventory screenshot that details an April 27th launch date for the white version at the retailer. While that screenshot shows the AT&T (GSM) version of the white iPhone 4, the white iPhone 4 showed up in Verizon's inventory database a week ago. Given that, we'd bet that a white Verizon version will be available at Best Buy that same day, as well.

The prior report said that in Europe, supplies would be scarce, and that a new supply of white iPhone 4's might take 4 - 5 weeks time. That would mean the resupply wouldn't occur until about June which, assuming the rumored September date for the iPhone 5 launch is correct, gives Apple three months to fulfill as much white iPhone 4 pent-up demand as possible.

It looks like the mythical beast is nearly here.
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Inspector replied on Mon, Apr 25 2011 1:37 AM

I don't get why they want to release it now... why not just wait it off till the next version? How many people will drop their current black one for a white one??? :)

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AKwyn replied on Mon, Apr 25 2011 2:06 AM


I don't get why they want to release it now... why not just wait it off till the next version? How many people will drop their current black one for a white one??? :)

You'll never know who'll drop from black to white.

As for your statement, I agree. They've waited too long to introduce the white version of the iPhone 4; I'm hoping that there are still some people who are eagerly anticipating the white iPhone like the second coming of christ.


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More chances to make money is all its about. Some people will drop from black to white and then some of those people will drop from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 when it comes out.

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Gross.....and why does it matter, 9/10 people have a case for their iphone covering up the original color. Sorry I'm super anti-crapple today and extremely pro maingear!!!!

Now you're just mashing it!

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rapid1 replied on Mon, Apr 25 2011 11:58 PM

Yay I am happy now.

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coolice replied on Tue, Apr 26 2011 12:52 AM

I think its because iphone5 is being speculated to be released in September.... not june/july/august. This is just to leech the hell outta sales imo

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