At Long Last, Logitech Z-5500 Speakers Have a Successor, the Z906

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News Posted: Wed, Mar 9 2011 11:03 AM
Like us, you might have thought Logitech forgot all about 5.1 surround sound speakers and that the popular (and awesome) Z-5500 was the end of the road. Looks like we were all wrong on that one. Logitech today announced a long overdue successor to the Z-500, the multi-talented Z906.

We say "mulit-talented" because the Z906 isn't designed primarily for the PC, but for anywhere you need banging bass and great sounding audio. You can connect up to six audio devices simultaneously, including your TV, DVD, DVR, Blu-ray player, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, iPod, and of course your PC or Mac. So really it's intended to slide into your home theater, which is where you might have your PC in the first place. And with an easy-stack design, Logitech says it will blend right in with your other AV gear.

"We’re delighted to offer consumers a successor to the highly acclaimed Logitech Z-5500 Digital 5.1 Speaker System," said Mark Schneider, vice president and general manager of Logitech’s audio business unit. "The Logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z906 are the logical evolution of surround sound speakers, and we’re confident they will become an indispensable part of the living room."

The Z906 offers 500 watts (RMS) of power and is THX certified. The ported, side-firing bass delivers 165 watts of distortion free bass, Logitech claims. Dolby Digital and DTS decoding is also baked in.

Interestingly enough, Logitech says the Z906 carries an MSRP of $350 and will ship later this month, though the pre-order page wants you fork over it's available for pre-order now for $400.

Update 3/10/11
Logitech let us know that there was a pricing error in the original announcement. The correct price of the Z906 is $400. We've updated our post to reflect this.
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Sign me up....@$350

I honestly thought Logitech was going to stay with the Z-5500 for many more years, this is a surprise. I own the Z-530..when I first experienced the big sound out of those little speakers , I was truly amazed.

I also had a friend who bought the Z-5500 , and the difference was quite shocking..the Z-5500 kicks ass. I was thinking of buying them for a while, but now that this came out, and the fact that you have more connection the remote control..seals the deal. I'm buying them, definitely ,100% sure.

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Marco C replied on Wed, Mar 9 2011 12:24 PM

The Z-5500s were the best PC speakers I've owned.  If I had the room for a 5.1 setup in the office, I'd be all over these.

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AKwyn replied on Wed, Mar 9 2011 12:49 PM

I swear if I ever get a home entertainment system, I swear that is going to be my sound system.


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I wonder what the Z-5500's are going for now....ah, $332.

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coolice replied on Wed, Mar 9 2011 1:32 PM

meh.... anyone want my z5500's, i'll sell you the subwoofer and console for only 100$, i like the satellites.

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Eh, I'll keep my 1530w 7.1 sound system. Of course, I think the highest I've ever used it at was 22 volume. Quickly doing the math, about 240~250w output. Most people don't need anything over 400w unless their throwing big parties all the time, since your already at the point of starting to annoy the people who live around you at that point.

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coolice replied on Wed, Mar 9 2011 5:45 PM

Well, yea, your on the right track here, my entire system runs at around a 100 watts.... what matters is how efficient your speakers are....

When ever friends come over to my place and listen to music/ watch movies, the first question they always ask is... Yo man, how many watts is that system..must be at least a thousand..... and i say, well, at this volume, around ~80....... and they are speechless.

Comparing watts to how good a system is no good.... its kinda stupid... but like all things... numbers sell..

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I was wondering when they would finally update the z-5500's. I got mine in 2005 and they are still rocking! I have them connected to my tv because they were just too much for the office. I like the look of the z5500 remote better. I'd like to see how they compare to the older model, looking forward to a review!

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BMAN replied on Wed, Mar 9 2011 8:25 PM

The Z 5500's at (in Vancouver Canada) are still just over $400; you'd think with this new system, the price would have dropped at least a little bit more.

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A recommended the Z-5500's to a friend 2 years ago and he was happy with them. He uses them as his primary speakers in his living room. I was unsure how they would perform in that environment but they sounded great of course I had to upgrade his sound card but they got the job done.

Logitech builds a good product, so these new ones should sound great as well.

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rapid1 replied on Fri, Mar 11 2011 11:47 PM

You guys will love this. The first PC I built I got a set of Logitech surround speakers (2 top units and a subwoofer). I have had other speaker sets of course, but I actually prefer a good set of head phones personally. My other sets of speakers have blown or quite working for some reason or another, which may also be a reason I prefer head sets as they have generally lasted longer. However; that first set of Logitech speakers are used to this day, and believe it or not the still put out good sound as well. My little girl uses them when she is on a computer as she does not like headphones, and or she is detrimental to headphones life span as well. I just unplug them from the power strip when she is not on them, and replug them when she gets on. They are Logitech speakers though which is relevant here, and they make good sound after get this (since 1994 or 96 I really can't remember it was either the first or second system I built). Either way even 1996 15 years or 17 if it was the 1994 build which I think it was, but am not positive, and they still make good sound much less work at all. Logitech builds some good speakers!

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"The Z-5500s were the best PC speakers I've owned.  If I had the room for a 5.1 setup in the office, I'd be all over these."

I second that!! I used to show THX and DTS demos to my friends whenever they came home and they were blown away by this system!!! When I was a student the Resident Hall director knocked on my doors so many times asking me to shut down the system coz it was so loud that students in my dorm started complaining!!! Hehe......miss those days!!!

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100 watts, 1500 watts and more, yes awesome and amazing, I used to run a set of Altec Lansing speakers, I don't recall what model number.  However I long ago switched to a classic Technics receiver(SA 300), and a set of Sound Dynamics speakers(RS-85).  After doing that I never looked back. Whats funny is my the Technics system runs 35 watts per channel, not a heavy weight in any stretch but easily had much higher quality sound output.

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LBowen replied on Mon, May 2 2011 2:17 AM

Sounds like a solid setup and in my experience Logitech doesn't disappoint.  I need to see them in action with maybe a live demonstration or video review.

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Glowangs replied on Tue, Jan 3 2012 10:09 PM


These new speakers suck compared to the old ones. Crappier build quality, less sound quality.

The extra inputs are the only good thing. I don't think the Z906 even comes with mounting stuff for the speakers like the Z5500 did (not sure about that though).

You can tell how shitty the Z906's are when people are still trying to buy the Z5500s at $500+.

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Derailed replied on Wed, Nov 21 2012 3:03 AM

Omg the surround sounds are surrounding us! Looks awesome, too bad I cannot hear them.

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Dorkstar replied on Fri, Nov 30 2012 12:20 PM

I picked up the Z-5500's back in 2008 while I was in Iraq.  Since there was really no noise rules there, and we worked in a rather large warehouse, I cranked these bad boys up as loud as they would go.  Surprisingly the volume, bass, and quality was absolutely amazing.  I was surprised that Logitech could put out such quality. 

  Today my wife has since confiscated them, and requires they be hooked up to our tv in the living room at all times.  They are still going strong even after going through numerous sand storms, international shipping twice, and being completely ripped out by a curious toddler.  

  Now seeing that I was able to pick up the z-5500 on amazon for only $250, I'll wait around to see if these drop in price as well.  Maybe one day daddy can finally have his surround sound on the gaming computer.  Stick out tongue


Edit:  After posting this I checked around real quick to see what they are going for.  There's one refurbished unit up on Ebay right now for $269.95 + free shipping. ,  While I can't afford it right now, maybe somebody else here can?  It's well worth it.


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