Upgrade solid HDD in my EeePC

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ezch Posted: Thu, Sep 9 2010 4:43 AM

Is it possible to upgrade / change solid HDD in my EeePC 901.

What models of  solid HDD compatible with my netbook. Is it possible to speed-up solid HDD?

How long my solid HDD will work without problems?

Thank you for the answers!

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This video might help:


Looks like you can add a 1.8" SSD

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Marco C replied on Thu, Sep 9 2010 11:32 AM

Some companies also sell mini-pcie upgrade SSDs for the 901.  I have a 64GB Super Talent SSD in mine and it works great.

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I threw a 500GB Western Digital hard drive in my Aspire One. Few weeks later they came out with a 750GB model Sad

But anyway When you take apart a Laptop make sure and take your time. The slower you go the easier it is. Watch the video and label stuff so you know were those screws go when you get ready to put it all back together.

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