Olympus Debuts mju-7050, FE-5050 and FE-4050 P&S Cameras

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News Posted: Thu, Aug 19 2010 2:35 AM
In need of a new camera? Aren't willing to go the DSLR route? Olympus has three new point and shoot options out today, none of which are highly complex. But that said, they all include the basics, and they all posses a sense of style. And in a pinch, that's what you need to get you through. The new mju-7050, FE-5050 and FE-4050 have arrived, and all three are definitely entry-level pocket cams for those who just want something simple and compact to have for those spontaneous moments in life that deserve to be remembered.

From the top, the 7050 has a 14MP sensor, HD movie option, SD slot for expanding the 2GB of internal storage space, a 3" LCD and a 7x optical zoom. That's a fairly dense sensor and a long optical zoom for a camera in this class, but otherwise it seems pretty average. The 5050 has the same 14MP sensor, but goes with a 5x optical zoom instead and a slightly smaller LCD. The 4040 steps down again with a 12MP sensor, 4x optical zoom and simpler controls/buttons on the back.

No prices are mentioned yet, but Japanese consumers should expect these to ship to their shops next month.
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My Girlfriend Swears by her Olympus cameras!

This is roughly just a 12/14mp versions of the one we have now. I am very impressed by it. Let me just say the quality we get has better production value, than the Paris Hilton videos :P

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