Signal Attenuation Videos Vanish from Apple's Site

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News Posted: Sun, Aug 1 2010 2:39 PM
You'll recall that after Apple's iPhone 4 press conference, in which they showed that other phones exhibit the same signal attenuation issues as the iPhone 4 (except that instead of a finger touch, it took a hard grip), Apple posted videos of the other phones on its site. Those videos have disappeared, now, at least from the U.S. site.

As first noted by TechCrunch, if you go to Apple's U.S. website and look at the page set up for "Antennagate," you'll see the signal attenuation videos of rivals' phones are gone. The same is true of Apple's Asian site. However, if you go to the Canadian site, at least at the time of this writing, the videos are still there.

If the videos were gone from all the sites, one might assume it was because of some pressure exerted by other manufacturers. Perhaps that legal pressure only works in the U.S. and Asia. Or perhaps the Canadian webmaster is just a little slow.

At any rate, the videos can still be found on Apple's YouTube channel. Even there, however, they are no longer featured. You have to dig for them.
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acarzt replied on Sun, Aug 1 2010 5:08 PM

lol... I wonder why they took them down?

Maybe they got a threat from someones team of lawyers? lol

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They took them down because they know its not true :D lol, but most likely like you all say, some legal actions were taken :)

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Turtleneck TakeDOWN...!!!

Now that everyone has been offered free cases to solve the problem(even though not everyone got them!) they can conveniently sweep this under the rug. Now they can focus on getting everyone psyched for the new IPhone 4.5 coming out this Christmas!

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