Acer Aims To Overtake HP As #1 PC Shipper

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News Posted: Sat, Jun 19 2010 2:37 PM
It's a familiar line from Acer, but it's always worthy of a laugh or smile. The company seemingly feels that they're worthy of being the best in the world, and as any good company should, they're pursuing the gold relentlessly. They're actually closer to the top than most would expect, being second today only to Hewlett-Packard in terms of global shipments.

Yes, Acer has risen above Lenovo, Dell and Asus. Nice little factoid for your weekend trivia session, right? According to Chairman J.T. Wang, that number two position will soon become number one, as he remains "confident that it will accomplish its goal of becoming the No.1 notebook vendor this year despite some negative impact from the economic woes in Europe and wage increases in China."

The company is expecting revenues to rise in Q3 from 10% to 15% (compared to Q2), as they're currently performing better than expected in some nations. Wang followed up with this: "We have responded faster than our competitors to the demand in the market. We are one of a very few that is able to respond to the market when demand stabilized in the latter part of the second quarter because we were prepared."

Acer has been touting their ability to weather the economic storm, and during their Q1 investor conference, the company stated that they expect PC shipments to rise as high as 50% this year. As it stands, Acer already is #1 in terms of notebook shipments, but they're hoping to soon be #1 overall. How will they do that? By shipping around 10 million desktops this year to go along with 10 million notebooks, notably by launching "fewer models based on Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system."

And if you thought that was Acer's only goal, think again. The company also plans to ship around seven new smartphone models this year. Busy, busy!
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all of the PC's I have seen from them are always very low end, and scream wall mart special.  I have yet to see a high end Acer, but i guess thats why they call it a gate way....

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AKwyn replied on Mon, Jun 21 2010 2:43 AM

I own a Gateway desktop and I just love the upgradability of the computer but I don't think Acer will overtake HP anytime soon. Also Der Meister you're wrong in the fact that the FX series are high-end Gateway's in a gamers sense.


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Der Meister:

all of the PC's I have seen from them are always very low end, and scream wall mart special.  I have yet to see a high end Acer, but i guess thats why they call it a gate way....

They make some decent laptops. Like there Timeline X. While HP has some high end stuff I think the vast majority of sales goes to the wall mart specials.

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realneil replied on Mon, Jun 21 2010 9:31 AM

Acer is strong in the Netbook segment.

I've had a chance to play with one of them and the feel was very close to the MSI wind. (the best one in my humble opinion) The performance was identical too.

They've been around for many years, and while it was a given years ago that Acer computers (and E-Machines) were considered to be the 'armpit' of PC's, they've never slowed their growth and they've improved quality considerably over the years.

If they're now number two,.....then it's working out for them.

Gateway is the perfect example of a fading star. You hardly ever hear about them anymore and they used to be dominant (really friggin' huge) along with Dell in the mail order PC segment. It's almost as if they quit the business, and as a matter of fact, they don't even sell directly to consumers anymore. I know they still make PC's but I never see reviews on Tech sites or people comparing their products to Gateway anymore. I wonder if the reduced sales are worth not having to deal with 'Joe Public' with decent tech support?

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Gateway Sucks!

It seems Acer and MSI understand the simple concept of sell low in mass quantities! With low production costs.

Since they usually have a more disposable product within those low production costs, people don't really feel taken for a ride like some of the other companies who are only slightly lower than the overpriced competition. It will only be bad when we see their prices come up to Apple level without the quality following suit.

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