Sources Say Hulu Will Start Charging For Access In 1-2 Months

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News Posted: Wed, Jun 9 2010 8:26 PM
Enjoy watching Hulu? Well, you better go ahead and take the next weekoff of work in order to catch up on all of those old episodes of yourfavorite show, because the Free Lunch Parade may be ending. Ever sinceHulu was introduced, users and analysts wondered if NBC would be able tokeep it free. Users are forced to watch ads during the show, but it'sstill a pretty great deal for consumers when you look at just howexpensive pay-TV is. Recently, rumors about pay-access to Hulu began togain even more steam, and now it seems like an inevitability that payaccess is coming sooner rather than later.

According to a new Reuters report that sources a few undisclosed peopleclose to the situation, Hulu will soon begin "charging customers and islooking to expand its content to consumer devices like the Xbox andiPad." The decision to both start charging and really break into the appbusiness makes sense; people are generally more willing to pay for anapp than something else, and if Hulu somehow bundles the appsubscription so that PC access is included, we think that few peoplewould complain too loudly.

The report suggests that plans are now being made final, with a pay-for-access plan to be revealed and implemented in around a month or two. It's still hard to say whether or not the pay access will come before or after Hulu is made available on various devices and platforms, but we suspect the timing will be synchronized closely with those releases. As we haveheard in the past, the eventual subscription plans will still allowusers to watch very recent episodes of various shows for free, butolder, archived material will cost.

By our watch, you've got until mid-summer to enjoy old Hulu content freeof charge. After that, it'll probably cost you at least a small fee permonth.
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3vi1 replied on Thu, Jun 10 2010 7:52 AM

If you have to pay for access *and* watch adverts you can't fast-forward through, People like me will just stop watching. I was willing to put up with the annoyance of the ads, but I'm not going to pay for it when there's so much free content available elsewhere.

They've been turning a profit, even in this crappy economy, so this strikes me as a little bit greedy. I wonder if they even realize that the change pretty much guarantees that you'll see all of their content pop up commercial-free on torrent sites?

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NThompson replied on Thu, Jun 10 2010 8:38 AM

My unnamed sources say it's not going to occur, they also work at Hulu.

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TO all who argued for your love of HULU?.......TOLD YOU! :P

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" undisclosed people close to the situation"


From what I've always understood Hulu has survived solely on advertisements. And because they are free, I can easily put up with the ads. Because I'm watching them online whenever I want, how many times I want, and they still air less ads than you see on TV.

I can see them charging for adding Hulu to the Xbox, but keep it free for PC access.

Until I see an OFFICIAL report, I'll remain skeptical.

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AKwyn replied on Thu, Jun 10 2010 4:03 PM

I haven't been an avid hulu user since I discovered the world of HD videos so I basically watch my TV shows in the .mkv format.

Still I agree with Marius, they should charge for the Xbox, iPad or any other device they wish to transfer over and they should keep the PC free. Hulu will lose a lot of loyal visitors if they do this, still I hope this is just another fluke like the hulu plus that was supposed to happen this June.


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gibbersome replied on Fri, Jun 11 2010 12:00 PM

@3vi1 Agreed, Netflix seems far more appealing suddenly.

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ClemSnide replied on Mon, Jun 14 2010 12:27 AM

This may not be the best business decision. Ad-sponsored Internet feeds of TV shows are easy to find-- perhaps not as convenient as Hulu, but they're out there.

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Oh My GOD people. Hulu is going to remain just the way it is for anyone that doesn't play. The ONLY difference is that when you pay you get more back episodes. WHY is everyone reporting this like you Hulu is going to charge everyone for everything.

If you wanna use Hulu just the way you currently are then guess what that will still be FREE!!!!!

I really don't understand the spin everyone is putting on this.

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