The latest Firefox 3.7 build has Aero Glass enabled, but looks horrible with Direct2D on.

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AKwyn Posted: Mon, May 24 2010 9:01 PM

I just updated to the latest Firefox build and while it was cool to have the Aero Glass, it looked horrid and buggy when I had Direct2D on. See for yourself.

DirectWrite Enabled:

DirectWrite Disabled:

I think the people at the Mozilla Foundation needs to figure out what's causing it and solve it. Pronto!


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Looks like they have some bugs to work out. Funny wordplay: 'HotHardware Forum Community - Minefield'!

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Inspector replied on Tue, May 25 2010 7:05 PM

HEHE HH is a minefield!!! LOL

At least they are trying xD

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I had some similar issues with the latest build. One of which was that backgrounds of webpages would be the aero glass instead of the website background.

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