Asus To Debut "At Least Two" Tablets To Rival Apple's iPad

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News Posted: Thu, Apr 1 2010 9:15 AM
If there was any question on just how popular the tablet PC world would become this year, take a look at the hype surrounding the iPad launch. And then take a look at Asus, who firmly believes they can challenge Apple in this arena. It makes sense when you think that it's Apple who is entering PC territory here, and just as Asus toppled the netbook market, they're clearly hoping to do the same in the tablet market.

Jonney Shih, chairman of Asus, recently admitted that the company is planning to reveal not one, but two iPad rival machines within the next couple of months, likely at Computex in June. In a recent interview with Forbes, Shih revealed the following: "Netbooks are the best combination of personal computing and cloud computing, but between netbooks and smartphones and e-readers, we think there will be a space for something like a tablet or slate PC."

That sounds a lot like Apple's take on things as well, but the company's not trying to make an iPad clone. Instead, they're tablet(s) will probably run on Google's Android OS, or possibly a Microsoft platform of some sort. He noted that "there will be an Apple camp [in tablets], but Asus always tries to address the open camps of Google and Microsoft."

He also stated that media will be huge in the tablet's functionality, likely alluding to the fact that it will probably handle Flash whereas the iPad cannot. We'd love to see a few Tegra 2-based tablets hit the market to take on the iPad, and hopefully pressure Apple into creating a next-gen model with a few necessary extras (like an SD card slot, USB port and support for Hulu without any fancy workaround).
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JoelB replied on Thu, Apr 1 2010 1:17 PM

I would think that having some sort of netbook with a swiveling screen which could be used as a writing tablet would be ideal, so long as it wasn't too thick. That way you'd have a keyboard when you want it, and you'd have the touch screen when you want it. The trouble with making such a thing is that it'd have to be nice and thin, and yet still have a decent battery life.

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M-ManLA replied on Thu, Apr 1 2010 2:07 PM

The Asus T101 will be able to do that.

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If Asus can put together a product that doesn't try do too much and become bloated it might be great! I am just afraid these competitve tablets are going to be slow... and lord knows if I get a tablet I want it to be responsive.

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Personally I would gladly take a tablet that is more efficient towards it's cost than speed alone. I don't feel like paying out my posterior for a tablet that's fast but can only handle minute things. 

Of course here I am being somewhat of a hypocrite. I plan on becoming an Apple App designer very soon in an attempt to pay my way through college, and the Ipad could use some apps to make it more meaningful. 

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If anyone can do it, it would be ASUS.  I have the 1005HA netbook and it's pretty awesome for the performance and the battery life at the time it came out... although I had to RMA it a few times... but as long as it works, it's golden :)

Not 100% sure if I would get a tablet though... I'll have to play around with them first

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I am certain that by Christmas we will have so many Slates and tablets to choose from. These companies will be fighting for our business.

About the only thing that could keep the Ipad on top, is is Microsoft came out with a Zune Tablet!

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