CDMA iPhone On The Way To Verizon, Next-Gen iPhone Coming This Year

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News Posted: Mon, Mar 29 2010 7:04 PM
Our insiders may have been a few months off, but it looks like things are still going to happen. You know that Verizon Wireless iPhone you've been waiting forever for? The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a CDMA iPhone will go into production this September, paving the way for a model to be compatible with both Verizon and Sprint in the U.S.

The report is two-pronged. For one, it states quite clearly that a CDMA iPhone is being made by Pegatron Technology, which has also done business with Asus and NVIDIA in the past. That's probably the biggest point. Up until now, the only carrier that supported the iPhone in America was AT&T, and while consumers could jailbreak the iPhone, iPhone 3G and/or iPhone 3GS to work on T-Mobile USA, there was no 3G support. Every iPhone sold internationally has also had a GSM radio, so CDMA carriers elsewhere (such as in Canada) have had to sit on the sidelines much like VZW and Sprint.

Producing an iPhone that would support America's largest carrier (Verizon) and the most bargain-minded (Sprint) would provide huge amounts of much-needed competition, and it would almost certainly cause a lot of unsatisfied users to jump ship from AT&T. Of course, there also stands the chance that T-Mobile would get a 3G iPhone of their own, though no hints of that were mentioned specifically in this report.

According to other people familiar with the matter, Apple is also working on a next-generation iPhone to be launched later this year. Apple has traditionally unveiled a new iPhone each summer ever since the original debuted in 2007, and rumors are that the trend will continue. WSJ notes that Hon Hai will be responsible for manufacturing, though the report doesn't state whether the next iPhone will be in compliance with LTE/WiMAX standards, have a larger screen, a different form factor, a dedicated keyboard, or anything else. For that, you'll need some patience and a vivid imagination.

One big happy family soon?

None of the mentioned companies would comment on the story save for one, AT&T. A spokesman for the carrier said the following: "There has been lots of incorrect speculation on CDMA iPhones for a long time. We haven't seen one yet and only Apple knows when that might occur."

We couldn't possibly be more anxious for a new iPhone, and particularly a new iPhone that was carrier agnostic. Having Apple's smartphone on multiple carriers would be great for consumers, and it would finally allow people in areas where AT&T 3G is unavailable or spotty to enjoy the smartphone that so many already do. Could AT&T's exclusivity be nearing an end? It sure looks that way.
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Coming up next, The pay as you go IPhone at a Wall-Mart near you :P

Hopefully this will be great at bringing down prices across the board from every carrier. although, I really doubt it.

Sounds like Apple is starting to sweat! They are really going to have to ramp things up in the competition with phones like the HTC EVO!

I am sure it will be a while before we see an IPhone with 1080p, kickstand and HDMI out. now if we can just get our cellphone bills down to what a standard bill was in the 80's?

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Although I must give apple its due credit for the Iphone and what it has done for the Phone industry. I feel at the moment such a closed system around the iphone will be its demise. Googles android OS i think will eventually and to some extent already has surpass the Iphone. Closed systems never work in the long run. 

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AKwyn replied on Mon, Mar 29 2010 10:31 PM

I've heard rumors about a CDMA iPhone and this one is no different. Though it's surprising to hear another company producing a CDMA version of the iPhone.

Still, like the iPhone exclusivity to Verizon. I'm still going to take this with a grain of salt. I'd think the iPhone will go the way of the Motorola RAZR and be available on most major carriers as the report suggests.


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rapid1 replied on Mon, Mar 29 2010 11:34 PM

"For that, you'll need some patience and a vivid imagination." Yeah or go to the Korean companies website, which I posted a link to reporting the same thing 2 months ago. This i-phone will hit in June just like always with i-Phone's. However as anima mentioned the Sprint HTC/EVO (also known as the supersonic, which we have seen some reports on in the recent past) is not only a beautiful phone it is on Sprint w/the 69.99 everything plan, and it has 3G/4G transceiver and will connect anywhere either is available (3G also defaults to 2g), so anywhere cellular above Analog signal is available. I don't think analog signal even exists anymore so anywhere basically 2,3,4G! I set it up with Sprint to notify me when they release it.

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Inspector replied on Tue, Mar 30 2010 12:50 AM

@Taylor "Still, like the iPhone exclusivity to Verizon. I'm still going to take this with a grain of salt. I'd think the iPhone will go the way of the Motorola RAZR and be available on most major carriers as the report suggests."

Where do you see it saying its exclusive to Verizon???

When they do come to Verizon, Verizon should have a plan to steal AT&T customers :P (Trade your AT&T iphones for a CDMA iphone)Smile lol

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Ahhh this is very tempting when I decide what to replace my Touch Pro with. (Used to be Alltel - now Verizon)  I wouldn't mind an iPhone, but the Android phones are tempting too.  At least this would give me a choice if it does happen :) 

Down with AT&T! It has crappy service in Iowa

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M-ManLA replied on Tue, Mar 30 2010 2:31 PM

It is about time. Just like someone else said, this will be like the RAZR.

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Inspector replied on Wed, Mar 31 2010 9:28 PM

LOL fail spam... :D

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