Google's Super Bowl Ad Leaks Early: A Story Of Love & Search

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News Posted: Sun, Feb 7 2010 3:37 PM
We can't exactly say that hell has frozen over here, as Google has actually went against its unofficial no-ad policy at least once before. But then again, that whole ordeal was something entirely different than this. We've known that the search engine giant (and now operating system contender) has been looking into the TV ad business for some time, but it has yet to come forward with a splash as big as the one you'll probably see tonight. That is, if you're watching the single biggest sporting event of the US sporting calendar.

If rumors are correct, Google will air a Super Bowl ad of their own tonight. It will be a 30 second spot, and it will likely air during the 3rd quarter of play. The Super Bowl is one of those weird events where the public actually looks forward to watching the ads, and this year looks to be a great one for geeks. Google won't be the only Super Bowl ad related to consumer electronics; Intel is also planning a commercial of their own, but that one has yet to leak.

This ad, as is typical of Google, is really simple. It's as far from flashy as an ad could be, but it's incredibly hard to look away from. Simple yet engrossing, and it works. It tugs at the heartstrings, and it spells out in 30 seconds exactly why we personally have fallen in love with Google over the years. Have a look below if you're into spoilers; otherwise, just wait for the ad to roll naturally tonight on CBS.

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rapid1 replied on Sun, Feb 7 2010 6:07 PM

I personally cannot believe this. I am really sure Google is mad to.

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Lol, love the ad. Though I don't know why they need it. The Superbowl attracts around 90 million viewers each year, attract several times that each day.

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3vi1 replied on Sun, Feb 7 2010 9:00 PM

I just saw the ad during the game. I think it was genius - it made a way bigger impression than those Bing ads that have been bombarding us lately.

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Missed the Superbowl, how many times did they run the ad? A full minute slot would have cost them close to $5 million I'm guessing.

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I'm no fan of adverts (Wladimir Palant's «Adblock Plus» ( ) is my friend), but I have to admit I found myself charmed by this one. The difference between these clips and those egregious MS «Windows 7party» videos ( says a lot about the difference between the two cultures (my apologies to CP Snow)....


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Isn't htis actually one of their old test ads from last year? I know I saw it before.

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