call of duty modernwarfare2 multiplayer cheaters

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caos420 Posted: Thu, Jan 21 2010 12:57 PM

I am an active gamer and an avid cod player but this new modern warfare2 as got me asking questions about the hackers or "cheaters" taking over the game. I'm not the best gamer but certainly not the worst but i can tell when there is cheating going on and this game is riddled with them.

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That is one of the reasons some PC gamers are so up in arms about not having dedicated servers. I play TF2 and cheating does still happen, but a admin gets rid of them right away. With MW2 you pretty much have to find a new game until IW figures out what they are doing and gets rid of them which takes days or weeks versus minutes.

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I don't know why they got rid of Punkbuster. That worked pretty well with the first MW.

I notice more cheaters on VAC games than any Punkbuster games I play

Either way, no one would care about PB or VAC if there were dedicated servers that could be moderated.

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I usually figure that there are some games that work well for pc and there are those that work best for console games.  This one was a given, from the start, when they said there would be no dedicated servers, it was automatically best suited for consoles.  Additionally, I find that the COD games seem dead in the multiplayer sector, on the pc.  However, on xbox 360 there are tons of people playing, and there is no worry of cheaters.  Racing games are ones that I find are suited for either.

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Soupstyle replied on Thu, Jan 21 2010 11:33 PM

I agree, no dedicated servers was the worst decision they made about the game, it dooms it to being immediately replaced by the next decent FPS.

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