Host file versus DNS

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transam02 Posted: Fri, Jan 15 2010 7:08 AM

Hey guys I need some input on opendns. I have been using the host file for a while on blocking certain websites and recently came across opendns and was wondering is using the host file the best way of blocking certain websites or switchin and usin opendns. The company I work for has computers at several sites and we try to block them from gettin on certain sites to keep the risk of virus and spyware infection down. Thanks for any input you might have on opendns.


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digitaldd replied on Fri, Jan 15 2010 11:43 AM

Its really hard to keep your hosts file updated, especially if you manage multiple machines, so it blocks everything you do not want. opendns or google's dns have the advantage in that they can be used with multiple computers on the same network. OpenDNS works best is conjunction with turning javascript off for all but those sites you actually trust.

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Drago replied on Fri, Jan 15 2010 2:00 PM

Use both.  OpenDNS is very cool, and lets you do customization and bandwidth monitoring as well as blocking.  Keeping your host file up to date is hard if you do it manually, but Spybot S&D does this for you if you regularly update it and immunize your system.  The first place your computer looks is in the hosts file, so having it there means for sure you are ok.  Being on OpenDNS doesnt mean you cannot get infected with a virus that redirects all your DNS requests to another DNS server.

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transam02 replied on Fri, Jan 15 2010 8:32 PM

Thanks for the info. It does get kinda difficult with the host files tryin to keep them up to date on new sites. So I will look into both open dns and google dns and see if I get some stuff worked out with them. I do manage multiple machines in different places but I do have access for remote support which is good so I can handle the mahcines from the office and diagnose any problems. Thanks for the info guys.

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CherryJoe replied on Wed, Mar 24 2010 2:05 AM

Good information.....For everyone i think....For handling in multiple machines and remote accessing is not an easy task.....Well nice information which really helps.



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