DisplaySearch: Netbook Sales Up 103%, Revenues Elsewhere Fall In 2009

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News Posted: Tue, Dec 22 2009 7:12 PM
We wondered earlier this year if netbook sales would cool down after the recession, but it seems as if people love low-cost machines regardless of what's going on in the world around them. According to new data from DisplaySearch, netbook shipments grew a staggering 103% year-over-year in 2009, with revenues up some 72%.

Let's take a second and think about that. During 2009, the year with the worst recession since the Great Depression, netbook sales managed to soar over 100% compared to all of 2008. Meanwhile, monies spent on netbooks went up 72%. We've got a few ideas as to why this happened, and it all starts with marketing. The Eee PC may have started the craze, but offerings from HP, Dell and even OCZ Technology helped fuel the fire. There's hardly a mass market PC company out today that doesn't have at least one netbook on sale, so they've been easier to find and competition between companies has been ever tougher.

Also, netbooks have found a place within cellphone stores. AT&T, Sprint and Verizon are all selling discounted netbooks for those needing a new PC along with a data plan, which certainly helps to get netbooks more visible (not to mention the boost in sales). And then there's Windows 7. Win7 makes the netbook much more of a modern, full-featured PC than the Windows XP models that came before. Win7 has run great on the netbooks that we have tested, and with a new round of Intel CPUs coming up, we see nothing but great things for the netbook sector ahead.

The revenue bit seems easy to us: it's all about choice and flexibility. Netbooks began as simple, one-trick-pony cheap machines. Today, you can get a netbook with varying display sizes, varying RAM/HDD options (or even an SSD), and varying GPU options. Those options increase the base price, and with more people splurging on upgrades, you've got more shots to make more from netbook sales.

The wildest part of this data, however, isn't dealing with netbooks. It's dealing with every other kind of notebook. According to DisplaySearch, revenue from the ultraportable PC, portable PC, desktop replacement PC, and all other styles of notebook PCs fell in 2009 from a year-over-year perspective. In other words, every other sector of notebook sales lost business (in terms of revenue), while netbooks gained huge amounts of share. That's telling us that netbooks actually are stealing away some market share, despite earlier claims that these were only being purchased for use as a "secondary laptop."

Honestly, it's tough to blame people in the market for a new notebook when they opt for a netbook. With Intel's new chips, Broadcom's new graphics chipset NVIDIA's Ion and the decreasing cost of SSD drives, the only reason to spend more is if you need a machine to handle very specific job-related tasks. Today's netbook lineup can easily handle the basics, and judging by the numbers, people are quite mindful of that.

Mini-Note (Netbook) Shipments Grow 103% Y/Y in 2009; Revenues Up 72%

Mini-Notes Take 19.6% of Portable PC Shipments and 10.4% of Revenues; Share to Remain Stable in 2010

AUSTIN, TEXAS, December 22, 2009—NotebookPC revenues are expected to be $109 billion in 2009, down almost 7%Y/Y, according to the DisplaySearch Q4’09 Advanced Quarterly Notebook PC Shipment and Forecast Report.A dramatic increase in the size of the mini-note (netbook) market hasincreased the overall size of the portable PC market, but it wasinsufficient to offset declines in revenue for ultra-portable andportable class notebook PCs (as shown in Table 1). Revenues in everynotebook PC category were down Y/Y, and only the portable category(displays from 13” to 16”) posted Q/Q growth. The strong growth ofmini-notes drove their revenue share of the portable computer market to11.7% in Q3’09.

Table 1: Notebook PC and Mini-Note Revenue (Billions of US$)





2009 Y/Y

2010 Y/Y







Ultraportable PC






Portable PC






Replacement PC






All Portable PC






Notebook PC
(w/o Mini-Note)






Source: DisplaySearch’s new Q4’09 Advanced Quarterly Notebook PC Shipment and Forecast Report

DisplaySearchexpects 2009 notebook PC shipment volumes to increase 5% Y/Y in 2009.However, the increase in unit growth is not sufficient to offset thealmost 20% decline in ASPs. Mini-note and portable notebook PC(13-16.4”) ASPs are expected to be down more than 15% Y/Y in 2009 andagain in 2010. These two market segments account for more than 85% ofthe total notebook market.

In2010, DisplaySearch expects the notebook PC market to grow by 16%, withhigher than average growth for mini-notes and ultra-portable notebookPCs. Growth in the latter segment is expected to be fueled by numerousnew 11.6” and 12.0” products built on CULV platforms and withaggressive, sub-$500 ASPs.

Table 2: Notebook PC and Mini-Note Shipments (Millions of Units)





2009 Y/Y

2010 Y/Y







Notebook PC






All Portable PC






Source: DisplaySearch’s new Q4’09 Advanced Quarterly Notebook PC Shipment and Forecast Report

Thelow prices of mini-notes make these products attractive to buyersseeking a secondary PC for the home, as well as making them moreaffordable for first-time PC buyers in emerging markets, who are lesslikely to require all the features available on a larger mainstreamnotebook PC. The relatively low ASPs also make mini-notes attractive towireless service providers that hope to add to their revenue byoffering subsidized mini-notes with data plan contracts.

“Mini-notescontinue to be a significant piece of the notebook PC pie, in terms ofboth units and revenue. However, our long-term outlook is that themini-note share of the notebook PC market has stabilized, and willremain at approximately 20% through 2011 before starting to erode.While mini-notes offer lower ASPs and are thinner and lighter thannotebook PCs, the performance of larger notebook PCs continues toimprove while prices continue to steadily decline, increasing theperformance gap while narrowing the price gap.” said John F. Jacobs,Director of Notebook Market Research. “For 2010, we expect furthererosion of ASPs across almost every portable computer segment. However,unit growth should be sufficient to offset ASP decline, leading to flatY/Y revenue for the portable PC market.”

The DisplaySearch New Advanced Quarterly Notebook PC Report Now Available

Building upon DisplaySearch’s proven expertise in notebook PC market research, the company’s new advanced version of its Quarterly Notebook PC Shipment and Forecast Report will take your company’s notebook PC know-how to the next level. With expanded coverage to the end market, including streetprices (ASPs) and system revenue for notebook PCs and mini-notes bydisplay size/resolution by region, you won’t want to miss out on thelatest information that can impact your business decisions.

Otherreport highlights include forecasted notebook PC and mini-noteshipments by region, display size, resolution, along with insightfulanalysis of the state of the notebook PC industry, including thebreadth and depth of mini-note and notebook PCs demand in the majorgeographic regions, and identifying the key variables influencingchanging demand patterns in these markets. For information on thisDisplaySearch report, contact Charles Camaroto at 1.888.436.7673 or1.516.625.2452, e-mail contact@displaysearch.com or contact your regional DisplaySearch office in China, Japan, Korea or Taiwan.

About DisplaySearch
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rapid1 replied on Wed, Dec 23 2009 10:26 PM

Also now the dual processor atoms as well as the Nvidia 9400 and other processors allowing HD screens etc why not. A laptop with specs like that (2 gigs of ddr 3), and an SSD drive. Other than gaming graphic design, architectural work and may be science and major number crunching (accounting etc) can do anything in general computing. No maybe not at the highest performance level but it weighs 3 pounds, has hour upon hour of battery life a general user needs what else for general use. To begin with that is the only reason the ultralight market even started right. One of these with an SSD and dual processor as well as switchable gpu and other major power conserving measures WOW!!!

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mass9 replied on Sat, Dec 26 2009 6:28 AM

the information you have given is really having agreat mean i share this information to other users about netbooks or notebook sales %

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PC category were down Y/Y, and only the portable category (displays from 13” to 16”) posted Q/Q growth. The strong growth of mini-notes drove their revenue share of the portable computer market to 11.7% in Q3’09.

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