SoundMatters Introduces Portable foxL V2 Bluetooth Speaker

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News Posted: Fri, Nov 27 2009 9:02 AM
Bluetooth speakers aren't nearly as popular as they once were, but forthose still needing a small, portable speaker that can stream tunesdirectly from their BT-enabled phone, SoundMatters has a solid option.The new foxL V2 Bluetooth is a new and improved model from thesimilar-looking version that won praise last year, with thispocket-sized loudspeaker being dubbed the "first pocket-sized speakergood enough for an audio purist." Reportedly, the device has 3x theBluetooth range, provides louder output (and deeper bass) and can lastup to 5 hours when the battery is fully charged. It's expected to shiplater this month for $199, while the non-Bluetooth foxL V2 will beavailable for $169.

New foxLV2 portable speaker makes beautiful Bluetooth music with latest smartphones
TIME Magazine ‘Top Ten Gadget’ from Soundmatters
sounds even bigger for 2010… with a smaller price!
RENO, NV, December 1, 2009 –  Just in time for the latestgeneration of Bluetooth Stereo capable music/smartphones, Soundmattersis pleased to announce its next generation foxL™ “V2 Bluetooth”pocket-sized loudspeaker, providing “the first pocket-sized speakergood enough for an audio purist” with a range of significantperformance and operational enhancements.
 “Last fall, we introduced foxL, thefirst highly portable true high-fidelity speaker solution, Sound &Vision magazine called it, ‘the absolute best gift ever for theaudiophile.’” commented Soundmatters Vice President Lee Adams.“Listening to the new palm-sized foxLV2 - with no wires attached,fundamentally changes how and where even audio purists can enjoy greatsound…it’s that good!”
foxL V2 Bluetooth with Hands-free Conferencing includes:
IMPROVED BLUETOOTH  –  foxL’s new Bluetooth circuitry provides 3x its previous range,dramatically lower distortion and noise for both music and hands-freeoperation.  Unlike its predecessor, the V2 also automaticallypairs/searches for a Bluetooth device and you can now answer andterminate a call from the speaker.
PLAYS LOUDER  – While still designed for personal listening, when battery powered thefoxL V2 provides up to 3dB more output  than the original foxL.
SOUNDS EVEN BETTER – Nuanced improvements to the foxL’s patented “Twoofers” provide forsmoother deeper bass, even more “open & airy listening experience.
PLAYS & CHARGES ANYWHERE –Along with it’s patented re-chargeable built-in woofer/battery (good upto 5 hours of play, foxL V2 comes with a universal AC power charger andnow includes four plug-in int’l adapters (US/Japan, Europe/China,UK/HK, and AU/NZ) … plus USB cable for slow charging via computer.
NOW THE BEST IS MORE AFFORDABLE – The foxL V2 Bluetooth with Hands-free Microphone, @ $199 (MAP/StreetPrice), is $50 less than it’s predecessor.   Also available is thenon-Bluetooth foxL V2, at $169 (MAP/Street Price), a $30 savings overthe original foxL.
ALSO AVAILABLE: foxL V2 WITHOUT BLUETOOTH Identical other than no wireless music or hands-free circuitry.
The stereo foxL V2 ($169 MAP/Street Price) measures only 5.6” wide x  2.2” deep x 1.4” high, yet  provides full range output (80Hz – 20kHz), with real bass and wide array of connection options for personal listening use with iPod, laptops, music phones, portable gaming and more.
The foxL V2 Bluetooth ($199 MAP/Street Price), improves upon the foxLmb, named a Top 10 Gadget of the Year by TIME Magazine, with the latest wireless music streaming and a built-in noise/echo canceling microphone for use as a high-performance hands-free speaker phone.

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3vi1 replied on Tue, Dec 1 2009 10:49 AM

I always imagined that eventually speakers and headphones will get their own miniature processor board and you'll connect them directly into your wireless network such that they'll have independently addressable IPs.

Then, you'll configure the list of speakers you want each PC to use, and their relative locations (which might just be acquired via GPS in the speakers). So... you can play music to any speaker in the house, or have the speaker handle mixing of multiple outputs itself (ex.: Tell the kids it's dinner time through their speakers while they're listening to music).

What part of "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" don't you understand?


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