Google Snaps Up Gizmo5, Could Rival Skype In VoIP Game

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News Posted: Sun, Nov 15 2009 1:59 PM
It may sound somewhat wild, but Google could very well take over theworld. We know, you're thinking we're crazy, but the evidence ismounting. It has taken over the search market (and improved usabilityall the while), it has crafted its own mobile operating system (onethat actually rivals the mighty iPhone), it's currently developing itsown computer operating system in Chrome OS, it already has a Chrome webbrowser that's easily better than Microsoft's Internet Explorer, it hasa chat tool that may trump Campfire in Google Wave, and now it's fixingto replace your phone company. Who's laughing now, right?

Google's GrandCentral (and Google Voice) has already taken thetalkative generation by storm, providing forwarding numbers and thelike for anyone who applies and gets accepted. Evidently that's justnot good enough, as now it looks like Google has Skype in its sights asthe next major company it hopes to challenge. Skype has long since beenthe go-to company for VoIP calling, and by and large, it's a greatapplication. But Google has just picked up a small outfit that wasdoing VoIP long before VoIP was a buzzword: Gizmo5. Gizmo5 providesInternet-based calling solutions for mobile phones and PCs, and whileGoogle isn't disclosing the purchase price nor any official plans forthe acquisition, it has noted that it will be bringing some Gizmo5employees on staff in order "bring more useful features to GoogleVoice."

Just think about it: if Google can really nail VoIP, and somehowprovide it free of charge like it does with most of its services, thephone companies could be in trouble. Granted, phone companies arealready seeing lots of disconnections as more and more people go tocellphone-only setups, but if Google gets in the game, you know it'llget even more interesting--and fast.
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Schmich replied on Mon, Nov 16 2009 5:19 AM

Google Voice come to Europe plix!

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3vi1 replied on Mon, Nov 16 2009 3:56 PM

I used Gizmo for a while. I really did *not* like how you had to give their bot your passwords if you wanted to integrate with other IM clients.

I like that Gizmo uses standards, and not proprietary protocols, but there are plenty of other free SIP softphones for Linux: Ekiga, Linphone, Twinkle... So using them with Kopete, aMSN, or Pidgin is just as convenient. I doubt Skype will open their protocols any time soon, but they've recently promised to open the UI code - which is bound to create a lot of integration possibilities.

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