Amazon Agrees To Sell PlayStation Network Tokens -- A Sign Of Things To Come?

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News Posted: Wed, Oct 7 2009 11:18 PM
Sony and Amazon have an interesting relationship. On one hand, they'reenemies. The Kindle rivals the Sony Reader, and vice-versa. On theother, they're best of friends, with Sony now being able to selldigital downloads codes for its PlayStation wares through the onlinemega-retailer's website.

A newly formed agreement between the two enables it to distributeanother 200 videogame downloads for Sony's PS consoles, which is peggedas a move to adjust to demands to get games on-demand and online versusin a store on a disc. Furthermore, Sony's newest PSP doesn't evenaccept discs, so the plan makes even more sense for Sony to construct.The deal will allow to offer "tokens" that are redeemable atSony's PlayStation Network store, giving users an easy way to giftothers with game credits and the like. The move is fairlysignificant--it's the first time since the Network opened in '06 inwhich another retailer (brick-and-mortar or Internet-based) has beenable to sell the tokens.

Honestly, we view this as a sign of things to come. Digital downloadsare only going to grow in popularity, and with the new PSP proving thatyou don't have to have support for a physical disc, we get the feelingAmazon could be handling these duties for other console makers in thefuture. As always, only time will tell.
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kid007 replied on Thu, Oct 8 2009 10:43 AM

In one sentence; is all about the money! Holidays Season is here Amazon needs sales to make revenue that is the cold hard fact...

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I think Amazon realizes (or should realize) that restricting competitors on their website is only going to hurt them in the long run.

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Amazon sells Xbox Live Points cards, so I see no reason not to sell this too - as long as Sony is willing of course.  This PSP go experiment will be interesting to monitor.


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realneil replied on Thu, Oct 8 2009 11:40 PM

Amazon costs more than they used to. I find that I don't use them as much anymore because of it.

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I don't think it's a big deal.  I wouldn't be surprised if the majority just bought the points through Sony.  It's not often that these types of points are on sale.  I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of Amazon's profit is from the third party vendors they have on the site.  It's somewhat rare to see an item from amazon in your search for a product.

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People goto Amazon because it quickly became a one-stop shop for pretty much anything they wanted. If Amazon wants to try to restrict what is being sold there, they will lose customers to places that offer the people what they are looking for.

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