My Book World Edition

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ombre Posted: Wed, Sep 2 2009 8:27 AM

Only one word can described My Book World Edition  "TERRIBLE " very poor menu slow log in, tons of crap and totally unusable software WD Anywhere Access (MioNet), ( hangs all pc's I installed it)  i can only log in on accounts created from the same PC and Only account I can log in from all my home PC's (7 in total) are PUBLIC folder, Security Settings just doesn't update properly . its doesn't matter how many folders I create and rights I assign to them its just impossible to log in from another PC even new one (my wife's new Sony P series). Also  No simple HTTP, FTP, file download. Device hangs when using Acronis  backup to  restore  large files strait from DOS (have to copy all files to PC first and then use them to restore) even much cheaper USB enclosure do better job than this very good looking NAS. And this is my second Devise first one breaks 3 months after I bout it. IF I HAVE TO CHOOSE AGAIN I WILL NEVER BUY THIS CRAP (My Book World Edition) old people say everyone have to pay for school I pay my fees, i got now $ 90 Planet NAS-7201 nothing fancy but work like dream and is cheap.

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