Upgrading Your Notebook Hard Drive To An SSD, A How To

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News Posted: Tue, Aug 25 2009 7:37 AM

Upgrading your notebook's legacy hard drive to a new, fast SSD is a substantial upgrade that makes good sense for a number of reasons.  First, Solid State Drives offer orders of magnitude higher performance under certain conditions, with blazingly fast random access times.  They also produce much less heat versus a standard 2.5-inch notebook hard drive and are virtually immune to shock and vibration trauma that will send your old spinning hard drive to an early grave.

In this HotHardware Video Spotlight, we show you how to upgrade your existing notebook hard drive, to a new, fast SSD as well as how to quickly migrate your data for absolute minimal downtime.

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starwhite replied on Mon, Sep 21 2009 12:39 AM

SSD is way cool! Its the last bottle neck in PCs. One day I hope to get one.

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hafhgj replied on Thu, Nov 15 2012 12:50 AM

Tell you a good news, Professional copy of the hard disk to a new hard drive or SSD, completely transfer operation system and the data!

If you want to know more about hard disk copy, please refer to its official web site:

AppleXsoft hard disk replication

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eunoia replied on Thu, Nov 15 2012 9:18 AM



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MLovejoy replied on Fri, Nov 16 2012 12:57 PM

Hopefully I will have my first SSD soon....my laptop really needs the upgrade! 

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OSunday replied on Sat, Nov 17 2012 6:13 PM

Anyone know of any SSD with storage capacity in the triple digits that are going on sale or will be a worthy investment over Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

I'm on an issued Fujitsu laptop with a 320gb 5200RPM HD... and at the moment this machine is all I can use for classes, every day use, gaming and a little photo and video editing.

The increased start up times would be so nice transitioning from class to class

Maybe something around 128GB for $80 or less would be ideal 

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