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saiyanajay Posted: Fri, Jul 10 2009 1:55 PM



I am about to upgrade my pc's processor and motherboard. I don't know if the psu can take it.

Please look at the details of the psu.


Item name- Zebronics realwatts pro-500
Voltage- 115/230Vac
Frequncy- 50/60Hz
Input current- 10A/5A

22A(+3.3V) and 15A(+5V) combined gives 130W
19A(+12V1) and 19A(+12V2) combined gives 384W
0.3A(-12V) gives 3.6W
2A(+5Vsb) gives 10W
Total max output 500W

All have reg +/-5% except 3.6W which have +/-10%

Min power for my graphic card XFX gts 250 is 450W
power required for the processor I have now(e4300@1.8GHz) is 65W
power required for q9550@2.8GHz is 95W
Will the psu handle it?

Please help
Thanks in advance

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yes it will be fine

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Jaspoo replied on Fri, Jul 10 2009 7:11 PM

Try using this site.  It will help you find a PSU with enouph power.  Just type in your computers components.

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