Looking for a new sound card

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Nerfhurter514 Posted: Sun, Jul 5 2009 3:37 PM

Well I broke down and bought myself a great pair of cans ( ATH- Ad700) and so now I'm in the market for a new sound card. I curently have the turtle beach Riviera which is nice but lacks EAX support and drivers are exteemly flaky. I need to spend less than $100 and I would greatly appretiate less than $75. I would prefer Toslink out and DDL support. EAX would be nice too as I play alot of FPS's. If anyone knows of any that really stand out please let me know. Right now I have it narrowed down between Turtle beach Montego DDL, and HT-Omega , or a Creative X-fi (non Audio). If anyone has used any of these and can offer an opinion please let me know.

PS: The amount of channels really doesnt matter but 7.1 seems to be the norm now.

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