Samsung Jet Is Fastest Smartphone Yet

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News Posted: Sun, Jun 21 2009 8:43 PM

It's no Android phone, but it's still pretty snazzy. Samsung's latest
entry into the smartphone arena goes simply by "Jet," and it definitely
sports a motif that matches its label. Boasting a sleek, full
touchscreen design, the Jet is said to be "smarter than a smartphone."
Samsung has included a multi-task manager and support for Microsoft
Exchange ActiveSync, and the interface is the company's own TouchWiz.

As for specifications, you'll find a 3.1" WVGA AMOLED display, which
will supposedly outshine even the display in Apple's iPhone and the
T-Mobile  G1. The WVGA resolution also provides loads of screen real
estate, and the 800MHz processor makes the iPhone 3G S look like just
another fast smartphone. Indeed, Samsung claims that the Jet is the
"fastest full touch handset on the market today."

The TouchWiz interface is edition 2.0, bringing along new features such
as motion UI, smart unlock, and a customizable widget screen. The
included Doffin Internet browser probably isn't as savvy as the Safari
browser on the iPhone, but it doesn't sound too bad. It supports up to
five total Web pages at a time, and there's even a built in ad-blocker,
multiple downloading and background downloading feature, and
multi-purpose address field. There's also a 5MP camera, built-in GPS,
DNSe & SRS Sound Effect technology and DivX/XviD video suppor.
Finally, Samsung tosses in Bluetooth 2.1, a microUSB port, a multimedia
player, 2GB or 8GB of memory, a microSD slot, 3G, video recording, and
up to 492 minutes of talk time (in 2G). There's no information yet on
price, but we don't expect it to sell itself short in any way.

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Xylem replied on Mon, Jun 22 2009 12:21 AM

That phone looks awesome. Offlate Samsung has shed its Plastic - Plastic look to a more contemporary and definite style. Even their Star series of phones are a very good way to begin the Smart phone range. Loads of features, "Smile Shutter" on a Samsung phone?? I would only say Samsung has improved a lot.

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p3ngwin replied on Mon, Jun 22 2009 2:05 PM

this is NOT the fastest smartphone.

1) the Samsung T*OMNIA was released 6 months ago (December 2008). it has a 806Mhz CPU

2) the Toshiba TG01 was released recently, it has a 1,000Mhz (1Ghz)

this Samsung Jet has been announced, BUT NOT RELEASED yet, only available on pre-order.

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contacter replied on Thu, Jun 25 2009 5:46 AM


Well day by day mostly people use the Samsung mobile phone because accoding to there Samsung mobile phone reliable and all its feature are well we can be satisfied from it.

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digitaldd replied on Thu, Jun 25 2009 12:25 PM

i like the phone but not the propietary OS, like Samsung did with the Instinct, Behold & Memoir among others.

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