Hard-drive severely slowed down / stutters

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Alllgo Posted: Tue, Jun 16 2009 1:53 PM

Rig: Asus P5B w/ 2.40 ghz Intel Core 2. 2 gb dimm Geforce 8800 gts

So, I recently installed a Samsung HD103UJ 1 TB (In reality = 931 gbs [those bastards]) in my computer using a SATA connection. Recently though, my former hard-drive (Seagate ST3250620AS 250 gb also SATA) has severely slowed down in response time. Sometimes even something simple like Right-Clicking the Recycle Bin can cause Windows to pause until the Seagate drive (i think) gets up to speed

It seems to me like there might be some sort of conflict with the HD, or I don't have a large enough power-supply (450 watts), or my BIOS are out-dated. I don't really quite know because I am a n00b when it comes to most hardware. Nonetheless, I'm not quite sure what is wrong so if you need any more information about the problem or the rig, just ask.

Also, I ran a PerformanceTest benchmark on my HD:

Read: 60.4 mb/s; Write: 59.8 mb/s; Random Seek + RW: 2.99 mb/s;
Graphically, the Random Seek seems very low on the scale, but I don't really know if my simple graphic deduction is valid.

Thanks for any help.


* edit * I'm starting to think that it is actually my Samsung TB that is causing the problem. Sound familiar?

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