Knoppix 6.0 beta

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3vi1 Posted: Wed, Feb 4 2009 9:01 PM

If you're like me... and I know I am... then you probably find Knoppix to be an invaluable tool for everything from troubleshooting Windows PCs and resetting their admin passwords (chntpw)  to backing up Linux (partimage).

Well, the 6.0 beta finally, finally, finally came out last week.

A word of warning:  by beta, they really mean beta.  Stick with earlier versions, unless you're familiar with Knoppix and want to submit /bug feedback.  It's rough:

1)  Klaus stripped things to the bone.  It's literally only a framework for you to remaster now:  I didn't see any apps I expected (wireshark, qtparted) installed.  This might be a good thing though, as you can make the base OS and the programs you actually use fit in less than 256MB of a bootable thumbdrive.

2)  KDE is no longer the desktop.  I'm not too happy with the replacement (LXDE) either.  Yes, it's got an ubersmall footprint, but it had serious problems with the window decorations on the one system I've tested with so far.  I saw the Compiz configuration tools, but compiz itself didn't appear to have automatically enabled on my system (which has an nVidia 9800 GTX+).

3)  flash-knoppix command, to transfer the disk to a thumbdrive, prompts you for everything in German.

4)  Sound was not working, with my motherboard's hda-intel chipset, even though it worked in previous releases.  That's kind of ironic, since this Knoppix release will boot up into ADRIANE by default (speech mode, for the blind).

That all said...  it boots extremely fast.  I hope he gets the bugs worked out, because it does have promise.

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I used to keep a Knoppix disk at all times. I have kinda gotten out of the habit. Looks a little rough yet for me to use, but I will boot it up in VM and see what its all about.

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