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maverick_vivek Posted: Tue, Feb 3 2009 1:00 AM

Hi Everyone,

        I am bit of inexperienced hardware enthusiast. Recently I tried assemblying a PC with DG31PR with C2D 2.66 GHz. Everything went well uptill I started connecting my Cabit's front panel Audios to the mother board. Motherboard has following markings

1 [Port 2] Left channel 2 Ground                                       2. Ground

3 [Port 2] Right channel 4 PRESENCE# (Dongle present)       4.PRESENCE# (Dongle present)

5 [Port 1] Right channel 6 [Port 1] SENSE_RETURN               6.[Port 1] SENSE_RETURN

7 SENSE_SEND (Jack detection) 8 Key (no pin)                     8.Key (no pin)

9 [Port 2] Left channel 10 [Port 2] SENSE_RETURN              10.[Port 2] SENSE_RETURN

While the front cabinet has following leads:






How do I interconnect? I know this is a substandard problem or this forum but not for me! Any help is appreciated.




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Not quite sure what you mean. Are you having issues connecting the front audio or getting it to work?


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I believe Maverick wants to connect his case's front MIC and AUDIO plugs to his mobo, Bob.

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Exactly bob....My whole PC is working fi9 nw but i couldn't connect Motherboard to Cabinet's front panel ( I am  ashamed!!)

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U r right ...Super Dave! Tht's wat I want. Have u got any idea ...hw to go about this?

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I would look at the mobo manual that came with it. It will have a diagram in there explaining the front audio hook ups for the mobo. Also each case has a tad diffrent design for its audio connectors so you might need to play around the the connections to get them to work.

I tried hooking mine up twice now, and every time i do my PC wont boot so I just gave up eventually, and use the ports on the back of the PC. much more

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