Thermaltake Launches Element S

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News Posted: Sat, Jan 31 2009 10:40 AM

Element S, New Classic from Thermaltake – Create for Pros!

01 / 2009 - Thermaltake is a well-known brand for producing high performance, premium quality and superior design product and widely recognizable by media around the world. In the beginning of a new 2009, Thermaltake presenting a whole new line of chassis “Element S” as the year featured chassis. The profound appearance and structure design, “Element S” will the most stylist and unique of the year. Element S will first release exclusively in North America, and absolutely fulfills PC professionals demands.

Element S is entirely different from the chassis Thermaltake made especially for gamers and enthusiasts in the past. It is masterpiece focus on upper level of consumers' satisfaction by satisfy the creative professionals like 3D modeler, music composer, graphic designer, video editor and gamer themselves. The “S” for Element S represents Silence, Sophisticated, Specious, Stream, Speedy and Substantial. With the six core design concepts, every surface, curve, line and crease has a function, expressing its potency and performance. With a seductive flow that incorporates profound detailing and powerful stance, the Element S delivers breathtaking beauty with performance.


Silence - With the silence environment that Element S created, Audio/Music composer can concentrate on their work without distraction of the noise come from the computer.

Sophisticated - With it's not so flashy appearance and very carefully painted black interior, Element S is a perfect companion for graphic designers.

Spacious - With tremendous HDD space Element S can offer, it can helps them to finish their masterpiece with ease.

Stream - With the superior airflow that Element S can provide, the heat energy that the system produce will be effectively take away.

Speedy - With Element S's advance mechanism like plug & play fan and direction-free HDD cage, gamers can minimize installation time when changing new key components. Their system can get online faster than ever!

The materials and traditional skills are essential elements of the Thermaltake’s experience. In the Element S, the beauty and performance is without equal.

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nelsoncp21 replied on Sat, Jan 31 2009 11:25 AM

Not bad. I like the stock option for the 2.5" drives. I am not a fan of the 2x60mm fans in the back though. otherwise it's got some really nice features. they need to make an full tower version though.

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^indeed I would rather have 1 120mm fan for noise

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It the picture is looked like it has only 1 large fan in the back?

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acarzt replied on Sat, Jan 31 2009 3:17 PM

It has a 230 on the side, and the top, a 140 at the back and a 120 on the front with an optional second 120. the 2 60s on the back are also optional. I would just get an other 120 for the front and forget about the 60s. This thing probably is pretty quiet and probably moves a lot of air. My only concern is that the eSata port is dangerously close to the power button... I can see a lot of people getting angry about accidently sending their PC into sleep or turning it off.

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It looks like a solid case. Too bad its only available in USA. I wonder what the pricings like.

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peti1212 replied on Sat, Jan 31 2009 4:51 PM

As plain as it may look, it does have quite a lot of nice features. I like it.

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It's only available in the US right now even though I didn't see it on newegg. If you go to their site it will be available awhole lot of other places in march. I don't know that I am a fan of the overly large fans either. For instance the 140 at the top. what if I want to put a rad on it, I would have to do some modding. I typically don't like fans on the side either but this one has a plug and play connetor so there's no need to have to try and unplug a molex or 3-pin to take off the side panel. I don't think I have seen any other cases with that yet but it's a nice idea. I hate going through all the trouble of hiding all my cables just to  have a cable from the fan dangling there because if you tie it up or hide it somewhere you can't get the side panel off.

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3vi1 replied on Sat, Jan 31 2009 7:55 PM

Looking at that case, I would expect it to say something like:

"Help, Michael, the villains put me in a car compactor. Take me back to Devon and Bonnie so that I can be repaired."

Then, it would use patented "Microlock" technology to stop the bad-guys car in its tracks. I always thought that Microlock was a deus ex machina cop-out, but now that I'm older I realize it was just way ahead of it's time: He was actually telling OnStar that the car was stolen and they were locking up its brakes.

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Jeremy replied on Fri, Feb 6 2009 2:31 PM

"The “S” for Element S represents Silence, Sophisticated, Specious, Stream, Speedy and Substantial."

Specious. In a "press release" advertisement pimping their new pretty product, no less. That's just absolutely priceless. They really need to get someone fluent in English to proofread their ad copy.

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I like the interior layout, however I don't like its facade.

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