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3vi1 Posted: Wed, Dec 31 2008 9:41 PM

On the topic of "Points", Dave once said something (exactly) like "You guys don't use the tagging system enough!  Stick out tongue  (so there, not sure why that just came to mind but it did)".

If tags are related to points, I suggest removing the modifier.  There are a couple of reasons:

1)  Going back and editing tags doesn't change the points.  You could post from the front-page/threaded-view where you can't add tags on creation, then you have no incentive to edit your post to add them.

2)  Worse:  (if it works, didn't try) People could raise their points through the roof by posting everything to the forum with 9000 pasted-in tags then edit-deleting them.

3)  There's no meta-moderation of tags....  The system will probably accumulate a lot of garbage before too long unless the people adding tags have no reason to pad them.

Just a suggestion,

3vi1 J

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Darn it I always forget to add tags.


Edit: what do you mean by pad them?Confused I might just be slow tonight it is new years after all

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Darn it I always forget to add tags.

Same here. Tongue Tied

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