Asus EN 8800 GTX 768mb. DDR3. Installing Nightmare :-/

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collie21 Posted: Tue, Dec 30 2008 7:21 AM


I just got this card for Xmas and went to install it in my PC. Horror of horrors it doesn't fit. Before I cut out bits of case structure however I need to know if this is a simple plug it into the slot and away I go. I have read a lot about power issues, but I don't understand really if I am supposed to connect some cables to the card or not?

Any advice appreciated.

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yes you drop it into the SLI slot and then connect the SLI power connectors to the card.


this is a picture of my card and you can see the two power wires connected to the card.about 650w PSU will do the job no problem I think you could even get away with a 550w one

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Do you have PCI-e slots on your motherboard?

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collie21 replied on Wed, Dec 31 2008 2:45 AM

 yep I have enough 'space' I already had a geforce 6600 in there and I am taking it out. But I think at this point the best thing is get a new box.... I am probably going to have to replace the power supply anyway.

Thanks for the help will let you know how I get on! :Hmm

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