Asus Wins "Green" Awards For its Notebooks

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News Posted: Sun, Nov 23 2008 11:50 PM

ASUS Receives World's First EU Flower Eco Certification for Computers

Awarding of EU Flower Certification to N Series Notebooks Bears Testament to ASUS’ Unwavering Commitment to Preserving the Environment

Taipei, Taiwan, November 22, 2008 – ASUS, a company that is as committed to environmental conservation as it is to innovation and quality, yesterday saw its sustainable computing efforts rewarded with the conferring of the world’s first EU Flower Eco Award for computers on its N50, N80, N20, and N10 notebooks. This achievement validates the eco-friendliness of ASUS’ N Series notebooks, which had already been honored with prestigious EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) Gold awards in October this year. On a broader note, it is also a reflection of the growing momentum of ASUS’ sustainability drive—Green ASUS—which it initiated in 2000.

“ASUS aims to create a better world for everyone through top-notch, eco-friendly 3C products. With Green ASUS, we hope to blend technology, innovation and environmental sustainability for a cleaner, greener earth for all to live,” said Jonney Shih, Chairman of ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

The EU Flower award ceremony was held in Prague on November 20th, 2008.

ASUS Notebooks: The World’s First EU Flower Certified Computers

With the awarding of EU Flower certification to the N50, N80, N20, and N10 notebooks, ASUS notebooks have secured a spot in history as the world’s first computers to be conferred the prestigious award. Underscoring the magnitude of this achievement is the fact that 15,000,000 computers are sold in Europe each year, and ASUS N Series notebooks are the first to obtain EU Flower certification. The EU Flower award utilizes one of the highest rated and strictest standards for green computing worldwide, and was developed under the Eco Label Scheme in 1992 by the European Union. The EU Flower is recognized in the EU and non-EU European countries such as Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein. The Eco Label scheme was laid down under the new Regulation EC1980/2000 in 2000, and has expanded the product scope to all consumer products and the service sector, with a total of 23 product categories. The EU Eco-label is administered by the European Eco-labeling Board (EUEB).

Products are assessed according to the following criteria:

   1. Energy-savings
   2. Presence of hazardous substances
   3. Product design
   4. User instructions
   5. Packaging
   6. Labeling
   7. Noise
   8. Lifelong extension
   9. Takeback

Green ASUS: Eco-friendly Notebooks from Conception to End-of-life
ASUS pursues the Green ASUS “Four Green Home Runs” in the design and production of each notebook, namely Green Design, Green Procurement, Green Manufacturing, and Green Service and Marketing. From the reduction and elimination of environmentally hazardous substances, to ensuring that the notebooks are easy to assemble, recycle and reuse, Green ASUS ensures disciplined adherence to environmentally-friendly principles at every step of a notebook’s conception. The awarding of EU Flower certification to the ASUS N50, N80, N20, and N10 notebooks is a result of this uncompromising commitment to eco-friendliness. The success of Green ASUS is also evidenced in the fact that more than 50 ASUS notebooks are now qualified by Energy Star and that nine EPEAT Gold awards were conferred on ASUS notebooks in October 2008.

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tanka12345 replied on Mon, Nov 24 2008 10:53 PM

Great to see companies like ASUS taking the environment seriously when they manufacture new hardware. Yes

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That's good to see. Asus makes many more notebooks than the asus branded ones so any move they make is a pretty big one.

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