good 24 inch to work?

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Fuffa Posted: Thu, Aug 21 2008 8:06 AM


I'm looking for a good 24" panel to work, read and write mostly, sometimes play but that's not important at all, I have a dell xps system with multy monitor configuration.

I'm coming from a bad experience with a dell 2408WFP, probably good to play but not to work, it is in fact too bright for my eyes and the red colour saturated, I've even tried to calibrate it with spyder3pro  and play with bright and contrast settings, but nothing, the black text over gray background looks like shining, not clear at all. Looking now for something more natural, eye-friendly and good quality, not too worried about the budget, just want something i can work confortably with.

I've read something good about Benq but I'm affraid most of the reviews in the net are gaming oriented.





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Welcome to HotHardware! I am a big fan of Acer monitors. Then again I also recomend dell. sorry for the bad mon. It sounds like you are doing everything right to try and fix it.

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 I hands down recommend the Viewsonic VX series.  Unfortunately they don't have an offering at the 24" size.  I'm currently using the 25.5" screen and have linked it below if you're interested.  

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warlord replied on Thu, Aug 21 2008 7:02 PM

Here ya go awesome 24" lg might be just what your looking for. Yes

Fold On!!!!


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