found stability!! using pentium clock settings on amd64x2

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THEE_CHRIS Posted: Sun, Jun 8 2008 8:43 PM

have a look 8900mark in 3dmark05 and 27900 in 3dmark2001 .... 3dmark06 ran very bad...this is what got me looking at the video clock speeds. 

test was done in 3dmark default 1024x768x32 optimal settings ,,

i was thinking maybe motherboard has trouble reading video card with DDR3 m/b is classed only for DD2    just a thought. ?

also custom cooling bought me downfrom 40-50c to 24-45c max       cost me nothing had the toobing and an old 80mm casefan with its own psu

you can have a look here

3dmark2001 get around 27900 3dmark 1280x1024x32 or 1024x768x32 varies only few hundred marks..runs great o'clocked just wish the vid card read proper..seeing 110/700 is hard to deal with when it should be on northbrigde running 725/700...1.4ghz ...guess its time to just accept limitations.

the total system cost 550 i shouldnt complain!

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