AMD?ATI?ASUS?....3 good names or?

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THEE_CHRIS Posted: Sun, Jun 8 2008 4:05 PM

in april 2008 i bought a complete system from ncix. it consists of Asus M3A78-EMH HDMI AMD 780G mATX AM2 PCIE 16X x1 PCIE 1X x1 +AMD 64 X2 5000 DUAL CORE +OCZ GOLD PC2 6400 DDR2 800MHZ +COOLERMASTER EXTREME PS 500W +SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.also bought Asus EAH3650 silent/htdi/512mb radeaon hd3650 core725 1.4ghz ddr3

mobo has built in HD3200 video trying to use addon card Asus HD3650....apperantly i got hooped by the suppliers who either didnt know or refuse to tell that the crossfire card for this mobo is the hd3450 so it seems i spent 30bucks more for less compatabillty.

to start the pci 16x refuse to run 16x no matter what i do or driver i use it keeps installing the SouthBridge IGP driver...end result is 110core clock by 700mem ....NOT HAPPY feeling kinda ripped off! i literally tried everything...every version of windows was crap but DID install the northbridge drivers for this board and card.....i dont know about the rest but i never liked vista and it is 5 times slower than xp...i cant bring myself to use this operating system....i spent90 percent of my time waiting and because of the lack of interface WONDERING is garbage unless you like being heldback and constantly interegated. also click yes 3 times or more to get unsucessfull process....Vista was the only 1 to install the drivers right but ...i want to use my computer not sit here looking at it...clocked to 3200MHZ X2 6.4ghz cpu and no where to go! pcie 110 core clock sheesh! i cant seem to win....amd/ati/asus should all read with no probs i would think

current PCI-Epress settings    VGA coreclock 110  memclock 700   not happy.......CARDS DEFAULT is coreclock725 memclock700x2=1.4ghz.for those who want to try this board i would suggest only if your happy with the onboard video its good but not enough as usual.addon card same thing its better but not impresive.

IF anyone knows of a solution to any of these probs i would greatly apreciate it!...oh yeah forget about using AMDOVERDRIVE...780gchipset? IS 700 series is it not! function at all just crash....and prob not accurate readings aswell i got dif reading in every prog. none the same so dont know exactly whats what here.....WOW i jus realized i miss my SEMPERON2800+ laptop....much more fun less headache and everything read proper.the driver disk is usless it seems....the mobo manual tell what on/off is in the bios description on what anything does in the bios any help takes ya to a dead end. also registering my products at asus now i fear a time limit may accure with my driver support..what support!

anyways still looking for solutions and could sure use some help from the knowing...                             thanks chris


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 Have you tried to update the bios on the mobo? is the vid card in the correct slot? andthe PSU is a tad on the small side to be doing some OC'ing with the system.

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yes i upgrade from orig file bios 501 to bios claims this will correct cpu voltage with quick n cool...but i have to keep it disabled for stability....even running at default settings again no change....mind you default setting are so displeasing...2600mhzX2 seems no dif than my old semperon 1.6 rediculous slow...if i overclock to 3200mhz i get 4-5 times the performance. the performance i expected. 2600 crap
i tried doing fresh installs at default setting and still no change. just alot slower. i jus want my video working at its default values. 725/700 not 110/700.   also HT never register on any prog.
and yes the vid card is in the right slot there is only 1 pic-express slot on this board the other video is integrated hd3200. yes i have enabled and disabled igp on fresh installs and no change.
coolermaster psu 500watt has power connections for pci-e card
my card does not use this..but im having touble thinking its power related when vista installs it correct..but still shows 110/700.
xp jus not installing northbridge for drivers will..and cant use the crossfire drivers from vista...this has the NB drivers im looking for...but not for xp. it works good now but its not reading the vid card proper or the HT proper...this bother me alot.
ive installed vista on 3 seperate occasions and in the end i go back to xp cuz i get so tierd of waiting for days with vista..feels like a 486 with vista. thinkin im outta luck...which is unfortanate that i not be workin now as this is all i have to do...and after seeing no change after all i've done. i've lost interest in this comp.
i will never buy asus again!!! and i dont recomend it!!!their lack of support and ignorant m/b manual has done me no good..never mind the manual jus go to bios it tells whats on/off to..LMAO...still no descripion on what does what .but they manage to get my money!!!  ty for your response very quick ty....if you have any other ideas would love to hear them..
my idea is GIGABYTE.... DAM i should of...but always bought asus in the past..bloody habbits are hard to break.
                                                                                        thanks again Chris


Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 18:56:21 -0400
Subject: Re: AMD?ATI?ASUS?....3 good names or?


Re: AMD?ATI?ASUS?....3 good names or?
By Der Meister in AMD Processors

 Have you tried to update the bios on the mobo? is the vid card in the correct slot? andthe PSU is a tad on the small side to be doing some OC'ing with the system.


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nECrO1967 replied on Sun, Jul 20 2008 8:38 AM

Just a stupid question but did you disable the onboard graphics in the BIOS?

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