DFI finally releases the LP UT X-48 T2R

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jimmyz Posted: Sat, Apr 19 2008 6:52 AM

 Well this is my first post on these forumsBig Smile I was surfing around and noticed my favorite e- tailer has the X-48 boards on pre-order now, meaning they are finally being madeParty!!!

 If you aren't familiar with DFI as of late , They have been making some of the most solid boards in the socket 775 market. The P-35 started this trend and they have refined it through the X-38 series and now are breaking out the X-48 UT series with DDR-2 support, you read that right DDR-2, these are going to be awesome boards for the enthusiasts market. I currently run an X-38 LT version and couldn't be happier with it!


the link to the board:

  If you are unfamiliar with Motherboardpro, don't worry they are my favorite E-tailer for almost a year now and have become extremely popular on XtremeSystems.( The main site I hang at).

 reseller ratings for Motherboardpro:

There is also a very comprehensive thread over at XS for these boards, both the LT and the UT.

 good to be here, gonna go cruise the forum some more nowYes



Update they now have ten available. as of this post.!!!

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