DesignStation: File handling, multi tasking and multi monitors – near the top....yet budget minded

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design_prof Posted: Thu, Apr 17 2008 12:44 PM

Here is the concept for a new PC I’d like to build   :||:  Please advise on motherboard and video cards that will fit this concept


  1. Often computers are a lot faster than we really need them to be until you start running multiple programs and threads, etc.  What slows us down can often be the internet connection, our own thoughts and distractions, the computer crashing or program freezing, etc.  We need stability and focus.

  2. As multi media and image files grow, the computers that handle these files must be equipped to handle such growth. I.e. – I went from an 8 MP DSLR camera to a 10 MP camera and now the RAW files lag when I open them (4 year old RAID system).

  3. I remember when the speakers were the most important part of stereo – this is still true – but if you apply this concept to computers – the monitor(s) and graphic system is a key primary component.
    1. I want a computer that supports two graphic cards so that I can have three (3) 22” monitors (perhaps 4 later).  The least expensive graphic card or cards that can support stretching the desktop across three or four monitors. The motherboard that has two matching PCIe slots I suppose?
    2. The computer has to be able to read and write large image files quickly. Video editing is not necessary. So budget RAID level 0 will do – with a decent backup internal drive.
    3. I want to be able to run 5 programs concurrently – one being an intensive CAD program – only 2D….


Gaming is not necessary. To summarize: File handling, multi tasking and multi monitors – near the top of the FS bus, processor / memory chart but at the best price point available.
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