ASUS Unveils Essentio CS5110 Mini PC

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News Posted: Thu, Apr 10 2008 1:15 PM

ASUS Takes the Mini PC to a Mighty Level with Essentio CS5110

Taipei, Taiwan – Extensive research and development have resulted in ASUS innovations that help pack more versatility and performance into compact frames. Packed with innovations, the ASUS Essentio CS5110 is a Mini PC that features exceptional graphics performance as its main focus – and is the world’s smallest Desktop PC equipped with a fully embedded discrete graphic card to give you high definition movie pleasure and smooth gaming fun.

Mighty Fluency - 1080P High Definition Pleasure
Playing HD movies easily and smoothly, the CS5110's superior graphic quality and HDMI display output allows for entertainment enjoyment in high definition. Through the HDMI-equipped TV or monitor, the digital video and digital audio can be transferred seamlessly.

Mighty Sound – High Quality Audio
The CS5110 supports S/PIDF-output and is equipped with 7.1 Sound output. By connecting to the user's 7.1 speakers or audio devices, it can deliver an experience of vivid surround-sound for movies and games.

Mighty Quiet – Low-noise Computing Experience
Through the world's first 2-in-1 thermal module that insulates heat from the cooling fan, the CS5110 has the fastest, most quiet and reliable heat dissipation system. The operation noise level is only at 23.9dB at idle mode, quieter than most other computer systems in the market to provide you with a very comfortable computing environment.

Mighty Versatile – 802.11n & Bluetooth 2.0 Connections
The CS5110 supports 802.11n wireless standard with transmission rates of 300Mbps – 6 times faster in speed and 8 times larger in coverage than the 802.11g standard. Its built-in Bluetooth also supports multi-linkage with Bluetooth devices, such as laptops, handheld devices (mobile phones, PDA, etc.), and head/ear phones.

SPLENDID Video Intelligence Technology
This technology optimizes the video performance with intelligent color, brightness, contrast and sharpness correction. It also provides video preset mode selections (via the hotkey) and 3 skin-tones to choose from based on the user’s preference. It produces vivid and vibrant colors by enhancing real-time depth and color intensity. With its advanced Area Pixel Processing Algorithm constantly evaluating and adjusting every pixel in every frame, the end result is a dynamically-optimized image with deep and strong colors that are very natural to the human eye. When the visual is dark, for instance night scenes, this technology is programmed to adjust the brightness output of each detail and create a well-balanced contrast so that rainy days will not just look like a total blur on the screen.

Mighty Stylish – Gloss Satin Finish
The outer case of the ASUS Essentio CS 5110 Mini Desktop PC is made by applying high quality double injection techniques, similar to that of famous Italian designer furniture for a luxurious feel. Then the double-injected molding is polished to create the crystal-like glossy dark look to give it that beautiful satin finish.



- NB: G35
- SB: ICH8


- Intel Core2 Duo/Pentium Dual-Core/Pentium 4/Celeron D
- 800~1333 MHz FSB


- DDR2 800, Dual Channel
- So-DIMM Slot: 2
- Support max. 4GB


Slim slot-in Blu-ray SuperMulti or DVD SuperMulti


3.5" 250G~1TB SATAII


MXM MN8600M GT 256M


- Azalia 7.1 Sounds
- S/PDIF out (Optical)


1000/100/10 Mbps




Bluetooth 2.0+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)

IR Receiver


Front IO

- 1 x 1394 (4pin)
- 1 x 10-in-1 Card Reader
- 1 x Headphone
- 1 x Microphone
- 2 x USB 2.0

Rear IO

- 1 x HDMI
- 1 x VGA
- 1 x DC Power in
- 1 x Line-In/Line-Out(Front L/R)/Mic-in
- 1 x Back Surround LR/Side Surround LR/Center LFE
- 1 x SPDIF out (Optical)
- 1 x RJ45 LAN
- 4 x USB2.0


Vista Home Premium

Dimension (mm)

200mm (D) X 290mm (H) X 80mm(W)


3.4 kg




- 1 x Slim Multimedia Keyboard/Mouse
- 1 x Vista MCE remote controller(IR)
- 1 x HDMI to DVI adapter
- 1 x Anti-Slip Pad

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Wow, that's one sleek looking computer.  More pics here.

It has Blu-Ray?  Looks awfully familiar...

Any word on the price? 


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CS5110 = PS3 + Vista.... it does look pretty sleek tho.

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replied on Thu, Apr 10 2008 2:55 PM

Its just a HTPC but i bet it does blu-ray better than any stupid playstation. 

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Marco C replied on Thu, Apr 10 2008 3:18 PM
You realize that Asus builds the PS3 too, right?

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MikeL_HH replied on Thu, Apr 10 2008 6:08 PM
CS5110... sounds like an advanced programming course.

"Essentio".... seriously? You come out with a product called the "Eee" and now you're going back to naming things "Essentio"?

Looks pretty slick tho, wonder what the price is.

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^Bad_Boy^ replied on Thu, Apr 10 2008 6:44 PM
I didn't know that BigWop :S..

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replied on Fri, Apr 11 2008 12:39 AM
Asus is one of many with a contract for ps3 building if i am not mistaken. Still Id rather have a HTPC to play my Blu-rays than a console. But thats personal choice.
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With an 8600GT M, it's not a bad lil gamer too.

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