iPod nanos Burning Up in Japan

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News Posted: Wed, Mar 12 2008 9:52 AM

And we're not talking about "hot sales" either.

Japan is investigating a possible defect in Apple Inc.'s iPod
after one of the popular digital music players reportedly shot out
sparks while recharging, a government official said Wednesday.

An official at the trade and economy ministry, which oversees product problems, said a defect is suspected in the lithium-ion battery in the iPod Nano, model number MA099J/A. He spoke on customary condition of anonymity, saying he is reiterating a ministry position.

The problem surfaced in January in Kanagawa Prefecture southwest of Tokyo, and Apple reported the problem to the ministry in March. No one was injured, the official said. Other details weren't available.

These are the older first-generation nanos.  Would anyone truly, truly be surprised if there was yet another Li-ion battery problem in our gadgetry?  We would not.

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ice91785 replied on Wed, Mar 12 2008 11:54 AM

At least it was charging -- just think if it was in someone's pocket on on their arm while excercising --> might be a titch more painful; but not that I think of it, probably not as painful as your house burning down as you leave your iPod charge while you are away....hmmmConfused

These older Lithium Ion batteries are just hazardous all over the board -- maybe apple should just throw from AA's in there haha

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frg1 replied on Wed, Mar 12 2008 12:06 PM

great i have one dont use it though 

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