Intel and Microsoft derail non-profit OLPC initiative ($100 laptop for poor)

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~Max~ Posted: Mon, Nov 26 2007 7:11 AM

Intel and Microsoft were quick and brutal to ensure kids in developing countries never get laptops for 100 bucks.

Keep in mind 100 bucks is quite a lot in some countries 

But sure higher margins and proprietary deals suit both Intel and Microsoft better. Who cares about people.

"From its inception, One Laptop Per Child posed a threat to the personal-computing dominance of software giant Microsoft and chip maker Intel. Mr. Negroponte's team, drawn from MIT, designed a machine that didn't use Windows or Intel chips. It uses the Linux operating system and other nonproprietary, open-source software, which users are allowed to tinker with."

Not a conspiracy theory, see Wall Street Journal for details:

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