Aztech DSL600ER

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sdil Posted: Mon, Nov 26 2007 5:09 AM

OK... I'am a new member so i hope you can help me to solve my problem .... I am having troble with my Aztech's DSL600ER Router which is have 4 ethernet port so i can have a network. But that not a problem .... My problem is, when I open my router and computers, the power light is red ( which mean it not working ) but it can detect my computers. Now, I can't use internet for several days .... :(

Any ideas to solve my problem ?

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OK a little more info. When you say open your router and computer do you mean physically open them or power them on? And if you say it's not working than how do you know they recognize each other or are you just referring to the icon that lets you know a cable is connected to your ethernet port?

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