Why does DVD skip and freeze while playing?

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NinjaRalphpuy Posted: Mon, Nov 19 2007 1:05 AM

I have a LiteOn EZ-Dub External DVD writer and I use Nero 7 Ultimate. The Problem is when i burn a AVI. to a DVD disk so I can watch on a big screen TV it skips and freezes most of the time and that gets really anoyying.I heard burning them at the lowest speed possiable would help but, it didnt it made it worst more skipping and freezing. It would play better when I burn it at the fastest speed possiable. I also tried burning it at the DVD Cd Maximam speed which is 16X so different. Can someone please tell me wat I cam doing wrong? thanks a billion

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Some interesting reading HERE, NinjaRalphpuy.

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digitaldd replied on Tue, Nov 20 2007 7:03 PM

Super Dave:

Some interesting reading HERE, NinjaRalphpuy.


Definitely a possibility but  sometimes switching the brand of media you burn to makes the biggest difference. I noticed with my Phillips DVD player I had more trouble with certain brands of DVD media. With the Toshiba DVD player I had trouble with other brands. The only 3 brands that never failed me  with either player thus far were Princo [DVD-R 4x or 8x], Tayo-Yuden [DVD-R 8x], & Verbatim [any speed, DVD-R or +R].


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