Make Gmail the defualt email without gmail notify program

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giantjoebot Posted: Tue, Oct 17 2006 6:58 AM
I use Gmail as my default email, and I like the web interface better than an email program like outlook or thunderbird, but I don't like the Gmail notify program because it slows down your startup a lot, and sits in the background using up memory. Plus gmail notifier has an annoying popup window to log in right when you start up your comuter. So I figured out a way to get almost all the functionality of gmail notify without the program, and find that it works a lot better.

#1 install and cofigure thunderbird to work with gmail, and set it as a the default mail program. The only thing this does is when you click on an email link it will use gmail. you can find instructions here. I guess that you could use outlook or another email program if you want. I just prefer thunderbird.

#2 install gmail notifier firefox extension. this will keep you logged into gmail, and will notify you of new emails. I prefer to disable the popup message.

#3 install email this firefox extension. This will allow you to send links. after installing you need to add the gmail button to your toolbar. To email a link just hit the button. You can also highlight text and hit the button, and it will only email the selection. thuderbird will also do this throught the send link option under the file menue, but you don't get the gmail wed ui, or the contacts stored there.

I like this way better for another reason. The only time that you are nofied of new emails is when you open firefox.
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